Ultra Space

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Entering and exiting the Ultra Space dimension

In order to enter the Ultra Space dimension, the player must activate the Celestial Altar which can be found in the naturally generating Celestial Shrine structure. To activate the altar, the player will need a Solgaleo, Lunala, or Necrozma in combination with the corresponding Sun Flute or Moon Flute and time of day. This activation process will remove one of 30 default wormhole uses the Sun Flute/Moon Flute has.

To leave the Ultra Dimension, a player can either click on the same flute they used to enter with or succumb to the lethal aura effects. The exiting process will remove one usage of the uses a flute has. The player should be returned back to the location they entered Ultra Space from.

Inside the Ultra Space dimension

When inside the mysterious dimension, you will find 9 unique biomes which most resemble vanilla biomes. While exploring the dimension you will find unique Pokemon spawns for each biome, special blocks, ores, treasures, and structures. Some of these include Beast Chests which give random loot, Z-Cystal Ore that can be used to make armor, and Ultra NPCs who can be used to obtain Poipole.

Exploration can be difficult because of the low gravity and intense aura effects. The auras can be avoided using the crafted Crystal Armor or Ultra Armor, otherwise you will experience a lethal wither effect. You may also notice these intense auras changing the sky and block colors as you travel around the dimension!


Ultra Beast

All 10 Ultra Beasts are obtainable in the Ultra Space dimension.


  • BigCry - Ultra Desert
  • Crystal1 - Ultra Desert
  • Crystal2 - Ultra Desert
  • CrystalTower - Ultra Desert
  • ElectricTower - Ultra Plant
  • PurpleTree - Ultra Forest
  • RuinsSpike - Ultra Ruin
  • Sea1 - Ultra Deep Sea
  • Sea2 - Ultra Deep Sea
  • Sea3 - Ultra Deep Sea
  • UltraHauntedTower - Ultra Swamp
  • UltraRuins - Ultra Ruin