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Trainer Commands allows players to specify a command or list of commands to be executed when an NPC or Statue is interacted with or when an NPC Trainer loses a battle, wins a battle, begins a battle, or has a battle be forfeited (using separate command lists for each). Both Pixelmon and Minecraft commands can be executed by NPCs. With commands that require a player to be specified as one of their arguments, @pl can be used in place of a player name to target the player that interacted with the NPC (e.g., /pokeheal @pl, /tp @pl 0 64 0). Commands that don't specifically target any player, such as /pokespawn, will work as well. However, commands that specifically target the user of the command and don't allow the player to be specified will not work unless the player flag is used, an example being /spawn.

The lists of commands will be executed in the order that they are added to the NPC or Statue. They will be executed once the battle concludes, after the NPC Trainer says his/her win/loss message, or immediately when the NPC or Statue is interacted with.

The types of commands are:

interact: when a player interacts with a Pixelmon NPC or Statue. win: when an NPC Trainer defeats a player. loss: when an NPC Trainer loses to a player. forfeit: when a player forfeits a battle to an NPC Trainer. battle_start: when a player and NPC Trainer begin a battle.


  • /tedit add <win|loss|battle_start|forfeit|interact> <command> [flag]: The specified command will be added to a list of commands that will be executed once the NPC is interacting with in the specified way. After using the command, interacting with an NPC Trainer will add the command to the Trainer.

You can use one of 3 optional flags to specify how the command is run:

-e runs the command as the NPC or Statue
-p runs the command as the Player
-c runs the command as Console (default)
  • /tedit remove <win|loss|battle_start|forfeit|interact> <command>: The first occurrence of the specified command will be removed from the specified command list of the next NPC that is interacted with. If the command is not in the respective list, nothing will happen upon interaction.
  • /tedit list: After using this command, interacting with an NPC will display the lists of commands to be executed.

Permission nodes

Command Permission
/tedit trainercommands.command.tedit