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Encore is a Normal-type that makes the target use the move it last used for 3 turns or until the afflicted Pokémon switches out.


Category Status
Type Normal Type.png
Accuracy: 100
PP: 5
Priority: 0
Target: Single Target
TM/Tutor: Event Move Tutor
External move:


By Level

Pokémon Level Type 1 Type 2
Minccino 15 Normal Type.png
Oshawott 31 Water Type.png
Dewott 37 Water Type.png
Samurott 39 Water Type.png
Mime Jr. 18 Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Shuckle 5 Bug Type.png Rock Type.png
Spheal 9 Ice Type.png Water Type.png
Slakoth 6 Normal Type.png
Seel 13 Water Type.png
Sealeo 9 Ice Type.png Water Type.png
Clefairy 1 Fairy Type.png
Vigoroth 1,6 Normal Type.png
Dewgong 13 Water Type.png Ice Type.png
Walrein 7 Ice Type.png Water Type.png
Slaking 1,6 Normal Type.png
Togetic 17 Fairy Type.png Flying Type.png
Emolga 38 Electric Type.png Flying Type.png
Amaura 44 Rock Type.png Ice Type.png
Salazzle 1 Poison Type.png Fire Type.png
Aurorus 46 Rock Type.png Ice Type.png
Mr.Mime 18 Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Popplio 18 Water Type.png
Brionne 19 Water Type.png
Primarina 19 Water Type.png Fairy Type.png
Plusle 10 Electric Type.png
Minun 10 Electric Type.png
Illumise 26 Bug Type.png
Gulpin 20 Poison Type.png
Swalot 20 Poison Type.png
Hawlucha 20 Fighting Type.png Flying Type.png
Wynaut 1 Psychic Type.png
Cleffa 4 Fairy Type.png
Togepi 17 Fairy Type.png


Pokémon Type 1 Type 2

By Tutor

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Pikachu Electric Type.png

By Egg Move

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Pikachu Electric Type.png
Shelmet Bug Type.png
Wooper Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Quagsire Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Liepard Dark Type.png
Petilil Grass Type.png
Gardevoir Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Cottonee Grass Type.png Fairy Type.png
Primeape Fighting Type.png
Togedemaru Electric Type.png Steel Type.png
Jumpluff Grass Type.png Flying Type.png
Poliwag Water Type.png
Bellsprout Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Chimchar Fire Type.png
Lilligant Grass Type.png
Lopunny Normal Type.png
Poliwhirl Water Type.png
Raichu Electric Type.png
Pichu Electric Type.png
Beartic Ice Type.png
Ledian Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Politoed Water Type.png
Gallade Psychic Type.png Fighting Type.png
Purrloin Dark Type.png
Buneary Normal Type.png
Darmanitan Fire Type.png
Golduck Water Type.png
Audino Normal Type.png
Machoke Fighting Type.png
Skiploom Grass Type.png Flying Type.png
Hoppip Grass Type.png Flying Type.png
Kadabra Psychic Type.png
Alakazam Psychic Type.png
Sunkern Grass Type.png
Poliwrath Water Type.png Fighting Type.png
Victreebel Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Dewgong Water Type.png Ice Type.png
Pikachu Electric Type.png
Ralts Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Darumaka Fire Type.png
Monferno Fire Type.png Fighting Type.png
Azurill Normal Type.png Fairy Type.png
Mankey Fighting Type.png
Infernape Fire Type.png Fighting Type.png
Sunflora Grass Type.png
Cubchoo Ice Type.png
Chatot Normal Type.png Flying Type.png
Abra Psychic Type.png
Seel Water Type.png
Ledyba Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Volbeat Bug Type.png
Spinda Normal Type.png
Accelgor Bug Type.png
Whimsicott Grass Type.png Fairy Type.png
Machamp Fighting Type.png
Machop Fighting Type.png
Psyduck Water Type.png
Kirlia Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Illumise Bug Type.png
Azumarill Water Type.png Fairy Type.png
Weepinbell Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Vulpix Ice Type.png
Raichu Electric Type.png Psychic Type.png
Ninetales Ice Type.png Fairy Type.png