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Roar is a Normal-type move that always goes last. In a wild Pokémon battle, the battle will end when Roar is used. In a Trainer battle, Roar will cause the target's Pokémon be switched out for a random Pokémon in the target's party, and will fail if the Pokémon is the only one in the target's party who can fight. Roar will bypass Protect, Detect, and Spiky Shield. It has no effect on Pokémon with the Soundproof Ability.


Category Status
Type Normal Type.png
PP: 20
Priority: -6
Target: Single Target
TM/Tutor: TM05: Roar
External move:


By Level

Pokémon Level Type 1 Type 2
Zweilous 20 Dark Type.png Dragon Type.png
Pignite 47 Fire Type.png Fighting Type.png
Emboar 55 Fire Type.png Fighting Type.png
Hydreigon 20 Dark Type.png Dragon Type.png
Snubbull 25 Fairy Type.png
Granbull 27 Fairy Type.png
Lillipup 26 Normal Type.png
Herdier 29 Normal Type.png
Aerodactyl 9 Rock Type.png Flying Type.png
Stoutland 29 Normal Type.png
Whismur 29 Normal Type.png
Loudred 32 Normal Type.png
Exploud 32 Normal Type.png
Houndour 13 Dark Type.png Fire Type.png
Tyrantrum 1,6 Rock Type.png Dragon Type.png
Litten 18 Fire Type.png
Tyrunt 6 Rock Type.png Dragon Type.png
Torracat 19 Fire Type.png
Incineroar 19 Fire Type.png Dark Type.png
Aron 19 Steel Type.png Rock Type.png
Lairon 19 Steel Type.png Rock Type.png
Aggron 19 Steel Type.png Rock Type.png
Rockruff 26 Rock Type.png
Lycanroc 26 Rock Type.png
Electrike 34 Electric Type.png
Lycanroc 26 Rock Type.png
Manectric 36 Electric Type.png
Raikou 15 Electric Type.png
Entei 15 Fire Type.png
Vulpix 7 Ice Type.png
Vulpix 7 Fire Type.png
Shinx 21 Electric Type.png
Luxio 23 Electric Type.png
Luxray 23 Electric Type.png
Poochyena 16 Dark Type.png
Mightyena 16 Dark Type.png
Lycanroc 26 Rock Type.png
Growlithe 1 Fire Type.png
Arcanine 1 Fire Type.png
Houndoom 13 Dark Type.png Fire Type.png
Deino 20 Dark Type.png Dragon Type.png
Tepig 39 Fire Type.png


Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Giratina Ghost Type.png Dragon Type.png
Lycanroc Rock Type.png
Lycanroc Rock Type.png
Giratina Ghost Type.png Dragon Type.png
Type: Null Normal Type.png
Gyarados Water Type.png Flying Type.png
Keldeo Water Type.png Fighting Type.png
Swinub Ice Type.png Ground Type.png
Amaura Rock Type.png Ice Type.png
Whismur Normal Type.png
Charizard Fire Type.png Flying Type.png
Chesnaught Grass Type.png Fighting Type.png
Swampert Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Quilava Fire Type.png
Scraggy Dark Type.png Fighting Type.png
Stufful Normal Type.png Fighting Type.png
Feraligatr Water Type.png
Virizion Grass Type.png Fighting Type.png
Houndoom Dark Type.png Fire Type.png
Wailord Water Type.png
Arcanine Fire Type.png
Palkia Water Type.png Dragon Type.png
Blastoise Water Type.png
Gible Dragon Type.png Ground Type.png
Cobalion Steel Type.png Fighting Type.png
Kyogre Water Type.png
Skarmory Steel Type.png Flying Type.png
Floatzel Water Type.png
Rhydon Ground Type.png Rock Type.png
Raikou Electric Type.png
Hakamo-o Dragon Type.png Fighting Type.png
Hippowdon Ground Type.png
Empoleon Water Type.png Steel Type.png
Zoroark Dark Type.png
Suicune Water Type.png
Lapras Water Type.png Ice Type.png
Latias Dragon Type.png Psychic Type.png
Gabite Dragon Type.png Ground Type.png
Venusaur Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Kommo-o Dragon Type.png Fighting Type.png
Camerupt Fire Type.png Ground Type.png
Phanpy Ground Type.png
Manectric Electric Type.png
Aron Steel Type.png Rock Type.png
Rockruff Rock Type.png
Aurorus Rock Type.png Ice Type.png
Mudsdale Ground Type.png
Stantler Normal Type.png
Beartic Ice Type.png
Litleo Fire Type.png Normal Type.png
Scrafty Dark Type.png Fighting Type.png
Furfrou Normal Type.png
Lairon Steel Type.png Rock Type.png
Xerneas Fairy Type.png
Donphan Ground Type.png
Bagon Dragon Type.png
Deino Dark Type.png Dragon Type.png
Granbull Fairy Type.png
Tropius Grass Type.png Flying Type.png
Tyrantrum Rock Type.png Dragon Type.png
Loudred Normal Type.png
Silvally Normal Type.png
Avalugg Ice Type.png
Groudon Ground Type.png
Croconaw Water Type.png
Darmanitan Fire Type.png
Entei Fire Type.png
Exploud Normal Type.png
Turtonator Fire Type.png Dragon Type.png
Pangoro Fighting Type.png Dark Type.png
Haxorus Dragon Type.png
Heatran Fire Type.png Steel Type.png
Luxray Electric Type.png
Emboar Fire Type.png Fighting Type.png
Eelektross Electric Type.png
Gumshoos Normal Type.png
Skiddo Grass Type.png
Solgaleo Psychic Type.png Steel Type.png
Houndour Dark Type.png Fire Type.png
Flareon Fire Type.png
Wailmer Water Type.png
Latios Dragon Type.png Psychic Type.png
Rampardos Rock Type.png
Articuno Ice Type.png Flying Type.png
Rhyhorn Ground Type.png Rock Type.png
Dragonite Dragon Type.png Flying Type.png
Shinx Electric Type.png
Blaziken Fire Type.png Fighting Type.png
Hydreigon Dark Type.png Dragon Type.png
Altaria Dragon Type.png Flying Type.png
Moltres Fire Type.png Flying Type.png
Archeops Rock Type.png Flying Type.png
Sharpedo Water Type.png Dark Type.png
Jangmo-o Dragon Type.png
Ursaring Normal Type.png
Litten Fire Type.png
Typhlosion Fire Type.png
Vigoroth Normal Type.png
Archen Rock Type.png Flying Type.png
Chespin Grass Type.png
Terrakion Rock Type.png Fighting Type.png
Herdier Normal Type.png
Dialga Steel Type.png Dragon Type.png
Hippopotas Ground Type.png
Lillipup Normal Type.png
Teddiursa Normal Type.png
Krookodile Ground Type.png Dark Type.png
Aerodactyl Rock Type.png Flying Type.png
Garchomp Dragon Type.png Ground Type.png
Volcanion Fire Type.png Water Type.png
Pancham Fighting Type.png
Mudbray Ground Type.png
Piloswine Ice Type.png Ground Type.png
Zweilous Dark Type.png Dragon Type.png
Darumaka Fire Type.png
Pyroar Fire Type.png Normal Type.png
Infernape Fire Type.png Fighting Type.png
Zangoose Normal Type.png
Snubbull Fairy Type.png
Cranidos Rock Type.png
Stunky Poison Type.png Dark Type.png
Lunala Psychic Type.png Ghost Type.png
Glaceon Ice Type.png
Salamence Dragon Type.png Flying Type.png
Ho-oh Fire Type.png Flying Type.png
Drampa Normal Type.png Dragon Type.png
Zorua Dark Type.png
Sceptile Grass Type.png
Arceus Normal Type.png
Mew Psychic Type.png
Torterra Grass Type.png Ground Type.png
Nidoqueen Poison Type.png Ground Type.png
Mamoswine Ice Type.png Ground Type.png
Quilladin Grass Type.png
Slaking Normal Type.png
Gogoat Grass Type.png
Krokorok Ground Type.png Dark Type.png
Pignite Fire Type.png Fighting Type.png
Nidoking Poison Type.png Ground Type.png
Vaporeon Water Type.png
Aggron Steel Type.png Rock Type.png
Stoutland Normal Type.png
Lucario Fighting Type.png Steel Type.png
Torracat Fire Type.png
Tapu Bulu Grass Type.png Fairy Type.png
Sealeo Ice Type.png Water Type.png
Bastiodon Rock Type.png Steel Type.png
Jolteon Electric Type.png
Poochyena Dark Type.png
Walrein Ice Type.png Water Type.png
Rayquaza Dragon Type.png Flying Type.png
Riolu Fighting Type.png
Purugly Normal Type.png
Incineroar Fire Type.png Dark Type.png
Druddigon Dragon Type.png
Axew Dragon Type.png
Skuntank Poison Type.png Dark Type.png
Steelix Steel Type.png Ground Type.png
Linoone Normal Type.png
Rhyperior Ground Type.png Rock Type.png
Bewear Normal Type.png Fighting Type.png
Fraxure Dragon Type.png
Luxio Electric Type.png
Growlithe Fire Type.png
Onix Rock Type.png Ground Type.png
Shieldon Rock Type.png Steel Type.png
Tyrunt Rock Type.png Dragon Type.png
Drapion Poison Type.png Dark Type.png
Tyranitar Rock Type.png Dark Type.png
Sandile Ground Type.png Dark Type.png
Electrike Electric Type.png
Lugia Psychic Type.png Flying Type.png
Zapdos Electric Type.png Flying Type.png
Kangaskhan Normal Type.png
Tapu Koko Electric Type.png Fairy Type.png
Mightyena Dark Type.png
Leafeon Grass Type.png
Shelgon Dragon Type.png
Tepig Fire Type.png
Golem Rock Type.png Electric Type.png
Vulpix Ice Type.png
Raticate Dark Type.png Normal Type.png
Persian Dark Type.png
Ninetales Ice Type.png Fairy Type.png
Golem Rock Type.png Ground Type.png
Vulpix Fire Type.png
Raticate Normal Type.png
Persian Normal Type.png
Ninetales Fire Type.png
Persian Normal Type.png
Lycanroc Rock Type.png

By Tutor

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Rattata Dark Type.png Normal Type.png
Geodude Rock Type.png Ground Type.png
Graveler Rock Type.png Electric Type.png
Cyndaquil Fire Type.png
Totodile Water Type.png

By Egg Move

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2