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Role Play is a Psychic-type that turns the user's Ability into the target's Ability.

Role Play

Category Status
Type Psychic Type.png
PP: 10
Priority: 0
Target: Single Target
TM/Tutor: Move Tutor
External move:


By Level

Pokémon Level Type 1 Type 2
Delphox 1 Fire Type.png Psychic Type.png
Mime Jr. 43 Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Meloetta 71 Normal Type.png Psychic Type.png
Kadabra 41 Psychic Type.png
Greninja 1 Water Type.png Dark Type.png
Stantler 33 Normal Type.png
Mr.Mime 43 Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Marshadow 30 Fighting Type.png Ghost Type.png


Pokémon Type 1 Type 2

By Tutor

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Tornadus Flying Type.png
Thundurus Electric Type.png Flying Type.png
Landorus Ground Type.png Flying Type.png
Hoopa Psychic Type.png Ghost Type.png
Deoxys Psychic Type.png
Deoxys Psychic Type.png
Deoxys Psychic Type.png
Deoxys Psychic Type.png
Hoopa Psychic Type.png Dark Type.png
Thundurus Electric Type.png Flying Type.png
Tornadus Flying Type.png
Landorus Ground Type.png Flying Type.png
Delphox Fire Type.png Psychic Type.png
Frogadier Water Type.png
Gengar Ghost Type.png Poison Type.png
Grumpig Psychic Type.png
Azelf Psychic Type.png
Pumpkaboo Ghost Type.png Grass Type.png
Stufful Normal Type.png Fighting Type.png
Liepard Dark Type.png
Pansear Fire Type.png
Aipom Normal Type.png
Houndoom Dark Type.png Fire Type.png
Toxicroak Poison Type.png Fighting Type.png
Igglybuff Normal Type.png Fairy Type.png
Ambipom Normal Type.png
Drowzee Psychic Type.png
Comfey Fairy Type.png
Greninja Water Type.png Dark Type.png
Pansage Grass Type.png
Primeape Fighting Type.png
Meowstic Psychic Type.png
Clefairy Fairy Type.png
Solosis Psychic Type.png
Togedemaru Electric Type.png Steel Type.png
Latias Dragon Type.png Psychic Type.png
Simisage Grass Type.png
Mienfoo Fighting Type.png
Gothorita Psychic Type.png
Sandygast Ghost Type.png Ground Type.png
Cacnea Grass Type.png
Bisharp Dark Type.png Steel Type.png
Marshadow Fighting Type.png Ghost Type.png
Chimchar Fire Type.png
Lilligant Grass Type.png
Victini Psychic Type.png Fire Type.png
Cleffa Fairy Type.png
Stantler Normal Type.png
Tauros Normal Type.png
Duosion Psychic Type.png
Phantump Ghost Type.png Grass Type.png
Furfrou Normal Type.png
Hypno Psychic Type.png
Panpour Water Type.png
Abomasnow Grass Type.png Ice Type.png
Sableye Dark Type.png Ghost Type.png
Meloetta Normal Type.png Psychic Type.png
Medicham Fighting Type.png Psychic Type.png
Pawniard Dark Type.png Steel Type.png
Purrloin Dark Type.png
Simipour Water Type.png
Mime Jr. Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Beheeyem Psychic Type.png
Golduck Water Type.png
Meditite Fighting Type.png Psychic Type.png
Audino Normal Type.png
Machoke Fighting Type.png
Jynx Ice Type.png Psychic Type.png
Houndour Dark Type.png Fire Type.png
Palossand Ghost Type.png Ground Type.png
Kadabra Psychic Type.png
Mewtwo Psychic Type.png
Sudowoodo Rock Type.png
Mesprit Psychic Type.png
Banette Ghost Type.png
Blaziken Fire Type.png Fighting Type.png
Alakazam Psychic Type.png
Cacturne Grass Type.png Dark Type.png
Elgyem Psychic Type.png
Absol Dark Type.png
Mr.Mime Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Dhelmise Ghost Type.png Grass Type.png
Clefable Fairy Type.png
Croagunk Poison Type.png Fighting Type.png
Hariyama Fighting Type.png
Kecleon Normal Type.png
Shuppet Ghost Type.png
Gothitelle Psychic Type.png
Hitmonchan Fighting Type.png
Reuniclus Psychic Type.png
Gothita Psychic Type.png
Monferno Fire Type.png Fighting Type.png
Mankey Fighting Type.png
Infernape Fire Type.png Fighting Type.png
Trevenant Ghost Type.png Grass Type.png
Makuhita Fighting Type.png
Smoochum Ice Type.png Psychic Type.png
Mew Psychic Type.png
Mienshao Fighting Type.png
Chatot Normal Type.png Flying Type.png
Yamask Ghost Type.png
Abra Psychic Type.png
Espurr Psychic Type.png
Bonsly Rock Type.png
Wigglytuff Normal Type.png Fairy Type.png
Jigglypuff Normal Type.png Fairy Type.png
Spoink Psychic Type.png
Lucario Fighting Type.png Steel Type.png
Spinda Normal Type.png
Uxie Psychic Type.png
Riolu Fighting Type.png
Froakie Water Type.png
Hitmonlee Fighting Type.png
Malamar Dark Type.png Psychic Type.png
Machamp Fighting Type.png
Machop Fighting Type.png
Tyrogue Fighting Type.png
Psyduck Water Type.png
Gourgeist Ghost Type.png Grass Type.png
Bewear Normal Type.png Fighting Type.png
Inkay Dark Type.png Psychic Type.png
Cofagrigus Ghost Type.png
Snover Grass Type.png Ice Type.png
Hitmontop Fighting Type.png
Simisear Fire Type.png
Vulpix Ice Type.png
Ninetales Ice Type.png Fairy Type.png
Vulpix Fire Type.png
Ninetales Fire Type.png
Cresselia Psychic Type.png
Arceus Normal Type.png

By Egg Move

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Pansear Fire Type.png
Drowzee Psychic Type.png
Pansage Grass Type.png
Simisage Grass Type.png
Furfrou Normal Type.png
Hypno Psychic Type.png
Panpour Water Type.png
Simipour Water Type.png
Spinda Normal Type.png
Simisear Fire Type.png