Regirock Shrine

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The Regirock Shrine is used to spawn the legendary pokemon Regirock

To spawn Regirock you need 3 Things

1. The Rock Peak Key

2. A Regigigas In your party

3. 8 Unown blocks spelling out R-E-G-I-R-O-C-K

Learn how to craft certain Unown blocks Here

You then need to find a Regirock Shrine. These spawn in Dry biomes or Mesas Regirock Structure.png

Once you have all items required; and you have found the shrine you need to place all 8 Unown Blocks onto the Temple Pillar blocks, (in the right order, spelling out Regirock with them.

Then you need to right click the shrine with the key in hand. Regirock Structure Shrine.png