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Refresh is a Normal-type move that cures burn, poison, and paralysis on the user.


Category Status
Type Normal Type.png
PP: 20
Priority: 0
Target: Self
TM/Tutor: Event Move Tutor
External move:


By Level

Pokémon Level Type 1 Type 2
Audino 9 Normal Type.png
Lickilicky 45 Normal Type.png
Blissey 9 Normal Type.png
Eevee 20 Normal Type.png
Happiny 9 Normal Type.png
Tapu Fini 26 Water Type.png Fairy Type.png
Corsola 13 Water Type.png Rock Type.png
Swablu 26 Normal Type.png Flying Type.png
Altaria 26 Dragon Type.png Flying Type.png
Lickitung 45 Normal Type.png
Chansey 9 Normal Type.png
Latias 13 Dragon Type.png Psychic Type.png
Latios 13 Dragon Type.png Psychic Type.png
Jirachi 25 Steel Type.png Psychic Type.png
Arceus 50 Normal Type.png
Milotic 1,7 Water Type.png


Pokémon Type 1 Type 2

By Tutor

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2

By Egg Move

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Swampert Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Blastoise Water Type.png
Palpitoad Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Lapras Water Type.png Ice Type.png
Poliwag Water Type.png
Meganium Grass Type.png
Marill Water Type.png Fairy Type.png
Poliwhirl Water Type.png
Clamperl Water Type.png
Marshtomp Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Furfrou Normal Type.png
Bayleef Grass Type.png
Chikorita Grass Type.png
Politoed Water Type.png
Golduck Water Type.png
Tympole Water Type.png
Natu Psychic Type.png Flying Type.png
Huntail Water Type.png
Seismitoad Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Wartortle Water Type.png
Poliwrath Water Type.png Fighting Type.png
Alomomola Water Type.png
Aromatisse Fairy Type.png
Mudkip Water Type.png
Azurill Normal Type.png Fairy Type.png
Swellow Normal Type.png Flying Type.png
Squirtle Water Type.png
Taillow Normal Type.png Flying Type.png
Xatu Psychic Type.png Flying Type.png
Gorebyss Water Type.png
Psyduck Water Type.png
Spritzee Fairy Type.png
Azumarill Water Type.png Fairy Type.png