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Player commands

  • /pokedex (aliases /pd or /dex) : The base command for checking your Pokédex, and claiming rewards.
    • claim : Claims a reward, if one is available. New rewards become available every 10% of Pokédex completion.
    • count : Shows how many Pokémon you've caught, and what percentage you're at.
    • convert <slot> : Converts the Pokémon in the chosen slot to shiny, if you're holding a shiny token and the Pokémon isn't shiny already.
    • remaining : Shows a formatted list of every Pokémon you still need.

Staff commands

  • /pokedexadmin (aliases /pda or /dexadmin): The base command for managing the sidemod.
    • reload: Reloads the configuration files.
    • check <user>: Checks the specified User's PokeDex Percentage.
    • getshinytoken: Creates a new shiny token, and gives it to you.
    • giveshinytoken <player>: Gives the player a Shiny Token.


Note: The base and admin nodes are required for their respective info commands. Deeper nodes are required for any subcommands. The list commands currently show all subcommands, even those that the user has no permission for -- keep this in mind.

Player nodes

Command Permission
/pokedex pdrewards.base
/pd claim pdrewards.base.claim
/pd count pdrewards.base.count
/pd convert <Slot> pdrewards.base.convert
/pd remaining pdrewards.base.remaining

Staff nodes

Command Permission
/pokedexadmin pdrewards.admin
/pokedexadmin reload pdrewards.admin.reload
/pokedexadmin check <user> pdrewards.admin.check
/pokedexadmin getshinytoken pdrewards.admin.gst
/pokedexadmin giveshinytoken <player> pdrewards.admin.gst