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A PokéCenter (or Pokémon Center) is a Structure that can be found in every Town. It can also be found in the wild as a Stand-alone structure.

PokéCenters can be used as a fixed spot to heal your Pokémon, manage your Party and buy some Restoration items, as every one of them will contain an Healer, a PC and a Vending Machine.

In front of an Healer can often be found a Doctor or Nurse NPC that, if right-clicked, will heal your Pokémon in your vece.

On the back wall it is also possible to find two loot chests, they have a big chance to contain Poké Balls; claiming a PokéCenter loot is the best way to start your adventure!

Stand-alone PokéCenters can be found in Plains, Savannas and All Forests biomes.

Loot Table

Item Weight
Grid Oran Berry.png Oran Berry 10
Grid Leppa Berry.png Leppa Berry 10
Grid Rawst Berry.png Rawst Berry 10
Grid Cheri Berry.png Cheri Berry 10
Grid Chesto Berry.png Chesto Berry 10
Grid Pecha Berry.png Pecha Berry 10
Grid Aspear Berry.png Aspear Berry 10
Grid Persim Berry.png Persim Berry 10
Grid Lum Berry.png Lum Berry 10
Grid Sitrus Berry.png Sitrus Berry 10
Grid Enigma Berry.png Enigma Berry 10
Grid Pumkin Berry.png Pumkin Berry 10
Grid Drash Berry.png Drash Berry 10
Grid Eggant Berry.png Eggant Berry 10
Grid Yago Berry.png Yago Berry 10
Grid Touga Berry.png Touga Berry 10
Grid Ginema Berry.png Ginema Berry 10
Grid Apicot Berry.png Apicot Berry 10
Grid Liechi Berry.png Liechi Berry 10
Grid Ganlon Berry.png Ganlon Berry 10
Grid Salac Berry.png Salac Berry 10
Grid Petaya Berry.png Petaya Berry 10
Grid Lansat Berry.png Lansat Berry 10
Grid Starf Berry.png Starf Berry 10
Grid Custap Berry.png Custap Berry 10
Grid Micle Berry.png Micle Berry 10
Grid Aguav Berry.png Aguav Berry 10
Grid Figy Berry.png Figy Berry 10
Grid Iapapa Berry.png Iapapa Berry 10
Grid Mago Berry.png Mago Berry 10
Grid Wiki Berry.png Wiki Berry 10
Grid Occa Berry.png Occa Berry 10
Grid Passho Berry.png Passho Berry 10
Grid Wacan Berry.png Wacan Berry 10
Grid Rindo Berry.png Rindo Berry 10
Grid Yache Berry.png Yache Berry 10
Grid Chople Berry.png Chople Berry 10
Grid Kebia Berry.png Kebia Berry 10
Grid Shuca Berry.png Shuca Berry 10
Grid Coba Berry.png Coba Berry 10
Grid Payapa Berry.png Payapa Berry 10
Grid Tanga Berry.png Tanga Berry 10
Grid Charti Berry.png Charti Berry 10
Grid Kasib Berry.png Kasib Berry 10
Grid Haban Berry.png Haban Berry 10
Grid Colbur Berry.png Colbur Berry 10
Grid Babiri Berry.png Babiri Berry 10
Grid Chilan Berry.png Chilan Berry 10
Grid Roseli Berry.png Roseli Berry 10
Grid Jaboca Berry.png Jaboca Berry 10
Grid Rowap Berry.png Rowap Berry 10
Grid Kee Berry.png Kee Berry 10
Grid Maranga Berry.png Maranga Berry 10
Grid Extra Small Candy.png Extra Small Candy 1
Grid Small Candy.png Small Candy 1
Grid Medium Candy.png Medium Candy 1
Grid Large Candy.png Large Candy 1
Grid Extra Large Candy.png Extra Large Candy 1
Grid Rare Candy.png Rare Candy 1
Grid Comet Shard.png Comet Shard 2
Grid Green Shard.png Green Shard 2
Grid Yellow Shard.png Yellow Shard 2
Grid Red Shard.png Red Shard 2
Grid Blue Shard.png Blue Shard 2
Grid Tiny Mushroom.png Tiny Mushroom 2
Grid Big Mushroom.png Big Mushroom 2
Grid Balm Mushroom.png Balm Mushroom 2
Grid Pearl.png Pearl 2
Grid Big Pearl.png Big Pearl 2
Grid Pearl String.png Pearl String 2
Grid Nugget.png Nugget 2
Grid Big Nugget.png Big Nugget 2
Grid Star Piece.png Star Piece 2
Grid Relic Copper.png Relic Copper 2
Grid Relic Silver.png Relic Silver 2
Grid Relic Gold.png Relic Gold 2
Grid Relic Band.png Relic Band 2
Grid Relic Statue.png Relic Statue 2
Grid Relic Vase.png Relic Vase 2
Grid Relic Crown.png Relic Crown 2
Grid TR Normal.png TR00 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR01 8
Grid TR Fire.png TR02 8
Grid TR Water.png TR03 8
Grid TR Water.png TR04 8
Grid TR Ice.png TR05 8
Grid TR Ice.png TR06 8
Grid TR Fighting.png TR07 8
Grid TR Electric.png TR08 8
Grid TR Electric.png TR09 8
Grid TR Ground.png TR10 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR11 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR12 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR13 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR14 8
Grid TR Fire.png TR15 8
Grid TR Water.png TR16 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR17 8
Grid TR Bug.png TR18 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR19 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR20 8
Grid TR Fighting.png TR21 8
Grid TR Poison.png TR22 8
Grid TR Ground.png TR23 8
Grid TR Dragon.png TR24 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR25 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR26 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR27 8
Grid TR Bug.png TR28 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR29 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR30 8
Grid TR Steel.png TR31 8
Grid TR Dark.png TR32 8
Grid TR Ghost.png TR33 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR34 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR35 8
Grid TR Fire.png TR36 8
Grid TR Dark.png TR37 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR38 8
Grid TR Fighting.png TR39 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR40 8
Grid TR Fire.png TR41 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR42 8
Grid TR Fire.png TR43 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR44 8
Grid TR Water.png TR45 8
Grid TR Steel.png TR46 8
Grid TR Dragon.png TR47 8
Grid TR Fighting.png TR48 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR49 8
Grid TR Grass.png TR50 8
Grid TR Dragon.png TR51 8
Grid TR Steel.png TR52 8
Grid TR Fighting.png TR53 8
Grid TR Poison.png TR54 8
Grid TR Fire.png TR55 8
Grid TR Fighting.png TR56 8
Grid TR Poison.png TR57 8
Grid TR Dark.png TR58 8
Grid TR Grass.png TR59 8
Grid TR Bug.png TR60 8
Grid TR Bug.png TR61 8
Grid TR Dragon.png TR62 8
Grid TR Rock.png TR63 8
Grid TR Fighting.png TR64 8
Grid TR Grass.png TR65 8
Grid TR Flying.png TR66 8
Grid TR Ground.png TR67 8
Grid TR Dark.png TR68 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR69 8
Grid TR Steel.png TR70 8
Grid TR Grass.png TR71 8
Grid TR Grass.png TR72 8
Grid TR Poison.png TR73 8
Grid TR Steel.png TR74 8
Grid TR Rock.png TR75 8
Grid TR Rock.png TR76 8
Grid TR Grass.png TR77 8
Grid TR Poison.png TR78 8
Grid TR Steel.png TR79 8
Grid TR Electric.png TR80 8
Grid TR Dark.png TR81 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR82 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR83 8
Grid TR Water.png TR84 8
Grid TR Normal.png TR85 8
Grid TR Electric.png TR86 8
Grid TR Ground.png TR87 8
Grid TR Fire.png TR88 8
Grid TR Flying.png TR89 8
Grid TR Fairy.png TR90 8
Grid TR Poison.png TR91 8
Grid TR Fairy.png TR92 8
Grid TR Dark.png TR93 8
Grid TR Ground.png TR94 8
Grid TR Dark.png TR95 8
Grid TR Bug.png TR96 8
Grid TR Psychic.png TR97 8
Grid TR Water.png TR98 8
Grid TR Fighting.png TR99 8
Grid TM Normal.png TM00 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM01 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM02 5
Grid TM Fire.png TM03 5
Grid TM Ice.png TM04 5
Grid TM Electric.png TM05 5
Grid TM Flying.png TM06 5
Grid TM Bug.png TM07 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM08 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM09 5
Grid TM Grass.png TM10 5
Grid TM Grass.png TM11 5
Grid TM Grass.png TM12 5
Grid TM Fire.png TM13 5
Grid TM Electric.png TM14 5
Grid TM Ground.png TM15 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM16 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM17 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM18 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM19 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM20 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM21 5
Grid TM Rock.png TM22 5
Grid TM Dark.png TM23 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM24 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM25 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM26 5
Grid TM Ice.png TM27 5
Grid TM Grass.png TM28 5
Grid TM Fairy.png TM29 5
Grid TM Steel.png TM30 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM31 5
Grid TM Rock.png TM32 5
Grid TM Water.png TM33 5
Grid TM Fire.png TM34 5
Grid TM Ice.png TM35 5
Grid TM Water.png TM36 5
Grid TM Dark.png TM37 5
Grid TM Fire.png TM38 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM39 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM40 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM41 5
Grid TM Fighting.png TM42 5
Grid TM Fighting.png TM43 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM44 5
Grid TM Water.png TM45 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM46 5
Grid TM Dark.png TM47 5
Grid TM Rock.png TM48 5
Grid TM Ground.png TM49 5
Grid TM Grass.png TM50 5
Grid TM Ice.png TM51 5
Grid TM Flying.png TM52 5
Grid TM Ground.png TM53 5
Grid TM Rock.png TM54 5
Grid TM Water.png TM55 5
Grid TM Bug.png TM56 5
Grid TM Dark.png TM57 5
Grid TM Dark.png TM58 5
Grid TM Dark.png TM59 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM60 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM61 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM62 5
Grid TM Fighting.png TM63 5
Grid TM Ice.png TM64 5
Grid TM Ghost.png TM65 5
Grid TM Electric.png TM66 5
Grid TM Ice.png TM67 5
Grid TM Fire.png TM68 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM69 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM70 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM71 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM72 5
Grid TM Poison.png TM73 5
Grid TM Poison.png TM74 5
Grid TM Fighting.png TM75 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM76 5
Grid TM Ghost.png TM77 5
Grid TM Flying.png TM78 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM79 5
Grid TM Electric.png TM80 5
Grid TM Ground.png TM81 5
Grid TM Electric.png TM82 5
Grid TM Water.png TM83 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM84 5
Grid TM Dark.png TM85 5
Grid TM Ghost.png TM86 5
Grid TM Fairy.png TM87 5
Grid TM Grass.png TM88 5
Grid TM Fairy.png TM89 5
Grid TM Electric.png TM90 5
Grid TM Psychic.png TM91 5
Grid TM Fire.png TM92 5
Grid TM Electric.png TM93 5
Grid TM Normal.png TM94 5
Grid TM Flying.png TM95 5
Grid TM Steel.png TM96 5
Grid TM Dark.png TM97 5
Grid TM Ground.png TM98 5
Grid TM Dragon.png TM99 5
Grid Poke Ball.png Poke Ball 200
Grid Great Ball.png Great Ball 100
Grid Ultra Ball.png Ultra Ball 50
Grid Level Ball.png Level Ball 40
Grid Moon Ball.png Moon Ball 40
Grid Master Ball.png Master Ball 10
Grid Friend Ball.png Friend Ball 40
Grid Love Ball.png Love Ball 40
Grid Safari Ball.png Safari Ball 30
Grid Heavy Ball.png Heavy Ball 30
Grid Fast Ball.png Fast Ball 30
Grid Repeat Ball.png Repeat Ball 30
Grid Timer Ball.png Timer Ball 40
Grid Nest Ball.png Nest Ball 30
Grid Net Ball.png Net Ball 40
Grid Dive Ball.png Dive Ball 30
Grid Luxury Ball.png Luxury Ball 40
Grid Heal Ball.png Heal Ball 40
Grid Dusk Ball.png Dusk Ball 50
Grid Park Ball.png Park Ball 10
Grid Quick Ball.png Quick Ball 40
Grid Lure Ball.png Lure Ball 40
Grid Sport Ball.png Sport Ball 50
Grid Cherish Ball.png Cherish Ball 50
Grid Premier Ball.png Premier Ball 50
Grid Dream Ball.png Dream Ball 50
Grid GS Ball.png GS Ball 20
Grid Beast Ball.png Beast Ball 10
Grid Black Belt.png Black Belt 3
Grid Black Glasses.png Black Glasses 3
Grid Charcoal.png Charcoal 3
Grid Dragon Fang.png Dragon Fang 3
Grid Hard Stone.png Hard Stone 3
Grid Miracle Seed.png Miracle Seed 3
Grid Mystic Water.png Mystic Water 3
Grid Never-Melt Ice.png Never-Melt Ice 3
Grid Poison Barb.png Poison Barb 3
Grid Sharp Beak.png Sharp Beak 3
Grid Silk Scarf.png Silk Scarf 3
Grid Silver Powder.png Silver Powder 3
Grid Soft Sand.png Soft Sand 3
Grid Spell Tag.png Spell Tag 3
Grid Twisted Spoon.png Twisted Spoon 3
Grid Magnet.png Magnet 3
Grid Rare Candy.png Rare Candy 40
Grid Potion.png Potion 200
Grid Super Potion.png Super Potion 160
Grid Hyper Potion.png Hyper Potion 80
Grid Full Restore.png Full Restore 80
Grid Fresh Water.png Fresh Water 120
Grid Soda Pop.png Soda Pop 120
Grid Lemonade.png Lemonade 120
Grid Moomoo Milk.png Moomoo Milk 160
Grid Revive.png Revive 80
Grid Max Revive.png Max Revive 40
Grid Max Potion.png Max Potion 40
Grid Ether.png Ether 120
Grid Max Ether.png Max Ether 40
Grid Elixir.png Elixir 120
Grid Max Elixir.png Max Elixir 40
Grid PP Up.png PP Up 40
Grid PP Max.png PP Max 40
Grid Antidote.png Antidote 120
Grid Paralyze Heal.png Paralyze Heal 160
Grid Awakening.png Awakening 120
Grid Burn Heal.png Burn Heal 160
Grid Ice Heal.png Ice Heal 120
Grid Lava Cookie.png Lava Cookie 40
Grid Big Malasada.png Big Malasada 40
Grid Rage Candy Bar.png Rage Candy Bar 40
Grid Old Gateau.png Old Gateau 40
Grid Casteliacone.png Casteliacone 40
Grid Lumiose Galette.png Lumiose Galette 40
Grid Shalour Sable.png Shalour Sable 40
Grid Basic Sweet Poke Puff.png Basic Sweet Poke Puff 40
Grid Basic Citrus Poke Puff.png Basic Citrus Poke Puff 40
Grid Basic Mint Poke Puff.png Basic Mint Poke Puff 40
Grid Basic Mocha Poke Puff.png Basic Mocha Poke Puff 40
Grid Basic Spice Poke Puff.png Basic Spice Poke Puff 40
Grid Full Heal.png Full Heal 40
Grid Pretty Feather.png Pretty Feather 40
Grid Swift Feather.png Swift Feather 40
Grid Clever Feather.png Clever Feather 40
Grid Genius Feather.png Genius Feather 40
Grid Resist Feather.png Resist Feather 40
Grid Muscle Feather.png Muscle Feather 40
Grid Health Feather.png Health Feather 40
Grid Black Flute.png Black Flute 40
Grid Blue Flute.png Blue Flute 40
Grid Red Flute.png Red Flute 40
Grid White Flute.png White Flute 40
Grid Yellow Flute.png Yellow Flute 40


The two PokéCenter structures are basically identical, but can be spawned with two different commands:

  • "/struc towncenter1": Spawns a Town PokéCenter.
  • "/struc poke_center": Spawns a stand-alone PokéCenter.