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A Pixelmon Spawner is a Creative-only block that is unbreakable and unobtainable. Its main use is to spawn Pokemon in a radius of the block.

Pixelmon Spawners can only be accessed by Operators. Being in creative mode will only allow you to place and break the block. Editing the block would be impossible with Creative permissions only.

Pixelmon Spawners can be found in Haunted Towers.


  • Add a Pokemon with a specified Rarity.
  • The higher the rarity value is, the higher the chance of that Pokemon spawning compared to other Pokemon of lower rarities.

spawning is calculated by the following: Rarity of PokémonSum of Rarities of all Pokémon

  • The Pixelmon Spawner has two methods of Spawning: Fire On Tick and Fire On Redstone
    • Fire On Tick will cause the Pokemon to spawn at set time intervals.
    • Fire On Redstone will cause the Pokemon to spawn whenever the Spawner recieves a redstone signal.
  • The "Spawn Radius" can be set between 1 and 49.
  • The "Max Spawns" disregards the config settings related to Pokemon spawning limitations.
  • Editing the "Minimum Level" and "Maximum Level" of a Pokemon is possible.
  • The "Boss Ratio" can be edited and follows the following formula: 100X
  • "Aggression" of Pokemon can also be edited and range through: Default, Timid, Passive, Aggressive.
  • The "Spawn Location" of a Pokemon can be set to: Land, Water, Underground, Air, or Air Persistent.

Config Settings

  • "spawnersOpOnly": If this is set to true, only server ops can edit spawners. If this is set to false, any player in Creative mode can edit spawners.
  • On a Sponge server, the "pixelmon.spawner.use" permission is required to edit spawners if this setting is enabled.