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Economy Bridge seamlessly merges Pixelmon PokéDollars and a Sponge economy plugin's currency together into a single currency, usable anywhere that would normally give or accept Pixelmon or Sponge currency. For example, a Sponge economy plugin command such as "/econ add" will give the player currency that can be used to purchase items from shopkeepers, along with its regular Sponge currency uses. Any applications of PokéDollars, including shopkeepers, NPC Trainer reward money, Pay Day, the /givemoney and /transfer commands, and the PokéDollar indicator in the inventory GUI, will use this combined currency.

When a player joins the server for the first time since Economy Bridge was installed, the player's existing balances for Sponge and Pixelmon will be combined together. For example, should a player have $500 in Sponge currency and 200 PokéDollars on the server before the installation of Economy Bridge, the player will have $700 of the combined currency after Economy Bridge is installed.

The combined currency used by Economy Bridge is tracked using Sponge currency, so uninstalling Economy Bridge will cause the combined currency to revert back to Sponge currency, leaving players' PokéDollar balances at $0.