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A move relearner is an NPC who allows Pokémon to learn moves from their level-up movepools. They spawn in Extreme Hills, Plains, and Ice Plains biomes.


A move relearner can be identified by text above it reading "Move Relearner". If the move relearner does not require any payment (which is the default setting), interacting with the NPC will allow the player to select a Pokémon from his/her party and relearn that Pokémon's moves. Moves can be relearned from a Pokémon's level-up movepool if the Pokémon does not already know the move and is above the level where the move is normally learned. Egg moves that were bred onto a Pokémon and subsequently forgotten can also be relearned.

If the move relearner has been set to require payment, interacting with the relearner will initially bring up a message stating what payment is required. If the player interacts with the relearner while holding the requested payment, the player will then be able to use the move relearner's services, and the payment will be deducted after a move is successfully remembered.


Using a move relearner

It is possible to customize a move relearner to require payment each time his services are used. When a player in Creative mode interacts with the relearner, different events will be triggered based on what the player is holding.

  • Holding an NPC editor will allow the player to use the NPC's services just like a player in Survival or Adventure mode would be able to.
  • Holding any other item will set the relearner's cost to that item. If the relearner already requires this item as payment, the payment cost will be incremented by one. This can go up to the item's maximum stack size.
  • Holding nothing will decrement the payment cost by one item; if the payment cost reaches zero, the relearner will revert to requiring no payment. If the relearner is already free, nothing will happen.
  • Hitting the move relearner with an NPC editor will delete it.

Config settings

  • "useExternalJSONFiles": Creates external JSON files at "<Minecraft directory>/pixelmon/npcs", allowing the move relearner spawn rate to be changed.