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A Mega Stone is a type of held item that can be held by a compatible Pokémon to Mega Evolve in battle. Each Mega Evolution requires a different Mega Stone to be used.

A Mega Stone can be obtained by finding and defeating a Mega Evolved boss Pokémon, who will drop its corresponding Mega Stone upon defeat. If the Mega Stone has not already been obtained from a boss Pokémon before, it will always be dropped by the boss Pokémon; otherwise, it will have a 1/40 chance of being dropped.

A Pokémon can Mega Evolve in battle only if it is holding its corresponding Mega Stone and if its holder is wearing a Mega Bracelet.

In battle, a Mega Stone is not affected by moves that remove held items or held item effects, such as Trick, Knock Off, Embargo, and Magic Room.

Megastone Mega Evolution
Abomasite.png Abomasite Mega Abomasnow
Absolite.png Absolite Mega Absol
Aerodactylite.png Aerodactylite Mega Aerodactyl
Aggronite.png Aggronite Mega Aggron
Alakazite.png Alakazite Mega Alakazam
Altarianite.png Altarianite Mega Altaria
Ampharosite.png Ampharosite Mega Ampharos
Audinite.png Audinite Mega Audino
Banettite.png Banettite Mega Banette
Beedrillite.png Beedrillite Mega Beedrill
Blastoisinite.png Blastoisinite Mega Blastoise
Blazikenite.png Blazikenite Mega Blaziken
Cameruptite.png Cameruptite Mega Camerupt
Charizarditex.png Charizardite X Mega Charizard X
Charizarditey.png Charizardite Y Mega Charizard Y
Diancite.png Diancite Mega Diancie
Galladite.png Galladite Mega Gallade
Garchompite.png Garchompite Mega Garchomp
Gardevoirite.png Gardevoirite Mega Gardevoir
Gengarite.png Gengarite Mega Gengar
Glalitite.png Glalitite Mega Glalie
Gyaradosite.png Gyaradosite Mega Gyarados
Heracronite.png Heracronite Mega Heracross
Houndoominite.png Houndoominite Mega Houndoom
Kangaskhanite.png Kangaskhanite Mega Kangaskhan
Latiasite.png Latiasite Mega Latias
Latiosite.png Latiosite Mega Latios
Lopunnite.png Lopunnite Mega Lopunny
Lucarionite.png Lucarionite Mega Lucario
Manectite.png Manectite Mega Manectric
Mawilite.png Mawilite Mega Mawile
Medichamite.png Medichamite Mega Medicham
Metagrossite.png Metagrossite Mega Metagross
Mewtwonite x.png Mewtwonite X Mega Mewtwo X
Mewtwonite y.png Mewtwonite Y Mega Mewtwo Y
Pidgeotite.png Pidgeotite Mega Pidgeot
Pinsirite.png Pinsirite Mega Pinsir
Sablenite.png Sablenite Mega Sableye
Salamencite.png Salamencite Mega Salamence
Sceptilite.png Sceptilite Mega Sceptile
Scizorite.png Scizorite Mega Scizor
Sharpedonite.png Sharpedonite Mega Sharpedo
Slowbronite.png Slowbronite Mega Slowbro
Steelixite.png Steelixite Mega Steelix
Swampertite.png Swampertite Mega Swampert
Tyranitarite.png Tyranitarite Mega Tyranitar
Venusaurite.png Venusaurite Mega Venusaur