Mechanical Anvil

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A mechanical anvil is a machine that automates production of Poké Ball parts, normally made manually using a regular anvil. This includes:

  • Poké Ball Discs → Poké Ball Lids
  • Iron Discs → Iron Bases
  • Aluminum Discs → Aluminum Bases

Aluminum plates cannot be manufactured using a mechanical anvil.
Any fuel that can be used for a furnace can be used to power a mechanical anvil. The time taken to manufacture an item and the rate of depletion of fuel are both identical to that of a furnace. Like a furnace, a pickaxe is required to retrieve a mechanical anvil.


Hoppers can be used to move items in and out of a mechanical anvil. Hoppers in different locations around the mechanical anvil each correspond to different slots in the machine.

  • Lower-left side: Discs to be processed by the anvil.
  • Lower-right side: Fuel for the anvil.
  • Bottom: Lids/bases produced by the anvil.