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Welcome to the Pixelmon Generations Wiki

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How to Start

Pixélmon Generations is a Minecraft 1.12.2 mod maintained strictly for fun.
The mod offers a true open-world Pokémon experience, featuring thousands of detailed models, items, blocks and even a whole new dimension: the Ultra Space.
We welcome all servers to run on Pixélmon Generations and we offer full support on any issue you may encounter in our official Discord.
We hope this wiki brings you good use.

Please consider donating on our official Pateron.pngPatreon and Tebex.jpgTebex to help us fund our 1.18 development.

All trademarks and copyright for Pokémon are owned by Nintendo and Game Freak Inc. Support Nintendo/Game Freak by buying official Pokémon games.

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This wiki is populated by the community, if there are any typos, issues or incorrect information, please let us know on Discord.

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