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Hyper Mod Banner can be configured to automatically kick players from the server if they attempt to join with any mod on the banned list. Additionally, a list of all the mods the server has seen is kept in the sidemod's configuration directory, allowing servers to see which mods might be worth banning. A log is also kept to track all player logins and what mods were visibly installed on their clients. Players registered as whitelisted in the Hyper Mod Banner configuration will be exempt from the rules.

Config settings

  • Banned modIDs: The comma separated list of mod IDs which are not permitted on the server. Best retrieved from the seenMods text file in the configuration folder.
  • Whitelisted player UUIDs: The comma separated list of players who will be unaffected by the rules
  • Kick people with banned mods: Set to true to kick players who join with a banned mod. Defaults to true.