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In-battle effect items

These items provide various benefits to the holder in battle.

Absorbbulb.png Absorb Bulb
Airballoon.png Air Balloon
Amuletcoin.png Amulet Coin
Assaultvest.png Assault Vest
Berryjuice.png Berry Juice
Bigroot.png Big Root
Bindingband.png Binding Band
Blackbelt.png Black Belt
Blackglasses.png Black Glasses
Blacksludge.png Black Sludge
Brightpowder.png Bright Powder
Cellbattery.png Cell Battery
Charcoal.png Charcoal
Choiceband.png Choice Band
Choicescarf.png Choice Scarf
Choicespecs.png Choice Specs
Damprock.png Damp Rock
Deepseascale.png Deep Sea Scale
Deepseatooth.png Deep Sea Tooth
Destinyknot.png Destiny Knot
Dragonfang.png Dragon Fang
Ejectbutton.png Eject Button
Eviolite.png Eviolite
Expertbelt.png Expert Belt
Flameorb.png Flame Orb
Floatstone.png Float Stone
Focusband.png Focus Band
Focussash.png Focus Sash
Gripclaw.png Grip Claw
Hardstone.png Hard Stone
Heatrock.png Heat Rock
Icerockitem.PNG Icy Rock
Ironball.png Iron Ball
Kingsrock.png King's Rock
Laggingtail.png Lagging Tail
Leftovers.png Leftovers
Lifeorb.png Life Orb
Lightball.png Light Ball
Lightclay.png Light Clay
Luckypunch.png Lucky Punch
Luminousmoss.png Luminous Moss
Magnet.png Magnet
Mentalherb.png Mental Herb
Metalcoat.png Metal Coat
Metalpowder.png Metal Powder
Metronome.png Metronome
Miracleseed.png Miracle Seed
Muscleband.png Muscle Band
Mysticwater.png Mystic Water
Nevermeltice.png Never-Melt Ice
Poisonbarb.png Poison Barb
Powerherb.png Power Herb
Quickclaw.png Quick Claw
Quickpowder.png Quick Powder
Razorclaw.png Razor Claw
Razorfang.png Razor Fang
Redcard.png Red Card
Ringtarget.png Ring Target
Rockyhelmet.png Rocky Helmet
Safetygoggles.png Safety Goggles
Scopelens.png Scope Lens
Sharpbeak.png Sharp Beak
Shedshell.png Shed Shell
Shellbell.png Shell Bell
Silkscarf.png Silk Scarf
Silverpowder.png Silver Powder
Smokeball.png Smoke Ball
Smoothrock.png Smooth Rock
Snowball.png Snowball
Softsand.png Soft Sand
Soothebell.png Soothe Bell
Souldew.png Soul Dew
Spelltag.png Spell Tag
Stick.png Stick
Stickybomb.png Sticky Barb
Thickclub.png Thick Club
Toxicorb.png Toxic Orb
Twistedspoon.png Twisted Spoon
Weaknesspolicy.png Weakness Policy
Whiteherb.png White Herb
Widelens.png Wide Lens
Wiseglasses.png Wise Glasses
Zoomlens.png Zoom Lens

Training items

These items affect experience or EV gain.

Expshare.png Exp. Share
Luckyegg.png Lucky Egg
Machobrace.png Macho Brace
Poweranklet.png Power Anklet
Powerband.png Power Band
Powerbelt.png Power Belt
Powerbracer.png Power Bracer
Powerlens.png Power Lens
Powerweight.png Power Weight


Incenses are used for breeding. Certain incenses also give benefits to the holder while in battle.

Fullincense.png Full Incense
Laxincense.png Lax Incense
Luckincense.png Luck Incense
Oddincense.png Odd Incense
Pureincense.png Pure Incense
Rockincense.png Rock Incense
Roseincense.png Rose Incense
Seaincense.png Sea Incense
Waveincense.png Wave Incense


Gems are single-use held items that boost the damage of a move of their corresponding type by 1.3×.

Gem Type
Buggem.png Bug Gem Bug Type.png
Darkgem.png Dark Gem Dark Type.png
Dragongem.png Dragon Gem Dragon Type.png
Electricgem.png Electric Gem Electric Type.png
Fairygem.png Fairy Gem Fairy Type.png
Fightinggem.png Fighting Gem Fighting Type.png
Firegem.png Fire Gem Fire Type.png
Flyinggem.png Flying Gem Flying Type.png
Ghostgem.png Ghost Gem Ghost Type.png
Grassgem.png Grass Gem Grass Type.png
Groundgem.png Ground Gem Ground Type.png
Icegem.png Ice Gem Ice Type.png
Normalgem.png Normal Gem Normal Type.png
Poisongem.png Poison Gem Poison Type.png
Psychicgem.png Psychic Gem Psychic Type.png
Rockgem.png Rock Gem Rock Type.png
Steelgem.png Steel Gem Steel Type.png
Watergem.png Water Gem Water Type.png


A Plate is a held item that raises the power of the holder's corresponding-type moves by 20%. When held by Arceus, its typing and its signature move Judgment become the type of the Plate, and any corresponding-type moves, including Judgment itself, receive the power boost.

Plate Type
Dracoplate.png Draco Plate Dragon Type.png
Dreadplate.png Dread Plate Dark Type.png
Earthplate.png Earth Plate Ground Type.png
Fistplate.png Fist Plate Fighting Type.png
Flameplate.png Flame Plate Fire Type.png
Icicleplate.png Icicle Plate Ice Type.png
Insectplate.png Insect Plate Bug Type.png
Ironplate.png Iron Plate Steel Type.png
Meadowplate.png Meadow Plate Grass Type.png
Mindplate.png Mind Plate Psychic Type.png
Pixieplate.png Pixie Plate Fairy Type.png
Skyplate.png Sky Plate Flying Type.png
Splashplate.png Splash Plate Water Type.png
Spookyplate.png Spooky Plate Ghost Type.png
Stoneplate.png Stone Plate Rock Type.png
Toxicplate.png Toxic Plate Poison Type.png
Zapplate.png Zap Plate Electric Type.png


A Drive is a held item that can be held by Genesect to allow its signature move Techno Blast to become the type of the Drive.

Drive Type
Burn drive.png Burn Drive Fire Type.png
Chill drive.png Chill Drive Ice Type.png
Douse drive.png Douse Drive Water Type.png
Shock drive.png Shock Drive Electric Type.png


A Memory Drive is a type of held item to work with the Ability RKS System to change the types of Silvally and its Multi-Attack.

Memory Type
Bugmemorydrive.png Bug Memory Bug Type.png
Darkmemorydrive.png Dark Memory Dark Type.png
Dragonmemorydrive.png Dragon Memory Dragon Type.png
Electricmemorydrive.png Electric Memory Electric Type.png
Fairymemorydrive.png Fairy Memory Fairy Type.png
Fightingmemorydrive.png Fighting Memory Fighting Type.png
Firememorydrive.png Fire Memory Fire Type.png
Flyingmemorydrive.png Flying Memory Flying Type.png
Ghostmemorydrive.png Ghost Memory Ghost Type.png
Grassmemorydrive.png Grass Memory Grass Type.png
Groundmemorydrive.png Ground Memory Ground Type.png
Icememorydrive.png Ice Memory Ice Type.png
Poisonmemorydrive.png Poison Memory Poison Type.png
Psychicmemorydrive.png Psychic Memory Psychic Type.png
Rockmemorydrive.png Rock Memory Rock Type.png
Steelmemorydrive.png Steel Memory Steel Type.png
Watermemorydrive.png Water Memory Water Type.png


A Z-Crystal is an held item required to use Z-Moves (stronger moves that can be used only 1 time in a battle).
All Crystals can be dropped from Totem Pokémon, and some even from Beastloots.

Type Z-Crystals

Z-Crystal Type
Buginiumz.png Buginium Z Bug Type.png
Darkiniumz.png Darkinium Z Dark Type.png
Dragoniumz.png Dragonium Z Dragon Type.png
Electriumz.png Electrium Z Electric Type.png
Fairiumz.png Fairium Z Fairy Type.png
Fightiniumz.png Fightinium Z Fighting Type.png
Firiumz.png Firium Z Fire Type.png
Flyiniumz.png Flyinium Z Flying Type.png
Ghostiumz.png Ghostium Z Ghost Type.png
Grassiumz.png Grassium Z Grass Type.png
Groundiumz.png Groundium Z Ground Type.png
Iciumz.png Icium Z Ice Type.png
Normaliumz.png Normalium Z Normal Type.png
Poisoniumz.png Poisonium Z Poison Type.png
Psychiumz.png Psychium Z Psychic Type.png
Rockiumz.png Rockium Z Rock Type.png
Steeliumz.png Steelium Z Steel Type.png
Wateriumz.png Waterium Z Water Type.png

Pokémon Unique Z-Crystals

A type of Z-Crystal that only work if held by a specific Pokémon specie.

It can also be found in Beastloots and as random loot from Structures.

Z-Crystal Pokémon
Aloraichiumz.png Aloraichium Z Alolan Raichu
Decidiumz.png Decidium Z Decidueye
Eeviumz.png Eevium Z Eevee
Inciniumz.png Incinium Z Incineroar
Kommoniumz.png Kommonium Z Kommo-o
Lunaliumz.png Lunalium Z Lunala
Lycaniumz.png Lycanium Z Lycanroc
Marshadiumz.png Marshadium Z Marshadow
Mewniumz.png Mewnium Z Mew
Mimikiumz.png Mimikium Z Mimikyu
Pikaniumz.png Pikanium Z Pikachu
Pikashuniumz.png Pikashunium Z Pikachu with a cap
Primariumz.png Primarium Z Primarina
Snorliumz.png Snorlium Z Snorlax
Solganiumz.png Solganium Z Solgaleo
Tapunium.png Tapunium Z All Tapus
Ultranecroziumz.png Ultranecrozium Z Ultra Necrozma