Fossil Machine

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A Fossil machine is a machine used to extract the DNA from cleaned Fossils. It is crafted by placing a Fossil machine top, Fossil machine tank, Fossil machine base, and Fossil machine display in a crafting table.


To use a Fossil machine, the machine has to be right-clicked while holding one of the nine cleaned Fossils. These Fossils can be obtained by placing covered Fossils inside a Fossil cleaner. Only Fossils that have been cleaned can be placed inside the Fossil machine. Once the cleaned Fossil is placed inside the machine, the progress bar on the display will begin slowly going up, and the Fossil inside will slowly begin to dissolve. Once the Fossil has completely dissolved, the Pokémon whose DNA was contained within it will begin growing inside the Fossil machine tank. When the display number reaches 100%, the Pokémon in the tank will stop growing and a Poké Ball (any kind) will need to be placed into the machine by right-clicking the machine with the ball in hand. Once this is done, the Pokémon inside the tank is now the player's, and right-clicking the machine will retrieve the ball holding the new Pokémon, which will be at level 1.