Fossil Cleaner

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When discovered, a Fossil comes in the form of a covered Fossil, and can be put into a Fossil cleaner to be identified as one of nine different Fossils. These cleaned Fossils can then be placed into a Fossil machine to be revived into Pokémon. When placed, a Fossil cleaner takes up one block of space. It can be retrieved by mining it with a pickaxe.

A Fossil cleaner does not have to be placed next to a Fossil machine in order for it to clean Fossils. However, a Fossil machine is still needed to extract the DNA of ancient Pokémon from the cleaned Fossils.

Fossil cleaners emit redstone current while they are being used.

A Fossil cleaner is crafted by placing six aluminum plates on the top two rows of a crafting table, two redstone on the left and right of the bottom row, and a glass pane in the middle of the bottom row.