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Flash is a Normal-type move that lowers the target's accuracy by one stage.


Category Status
Type Normal Type.png
Accuracy: 100
PP: 20
Priority: 0
Target: Single Target
TM/Tutor: TM70: Flash
External move:


By Level

Pokémon Level Type 1 Type 2
Volbeat 1 Bug Type.png
Morelull 8 Grass Type.png Fairy Type.png
Shiinotic 1,8 Grass Type.png Fairy Type.png


Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Castform Normal Type.png
Deoxys Psychic Type.png
Wormadam Bug Type.png Grass Type.png
Shaymin Grass Type.png
Wormadam Bug Type.png Ground Type.png
Wormadam Bug Type.png Steel Type.png
Hoopa Psychic Type.png Ghost Type.png
Castform Ice Type.png
Castform Water Type.png
Castform Fire Type.png
Deoxys Psychic Type.png
Deoxys Psychic Type.png
Deoxys Psychic Type.png
Pikachu Electric Type.png
Hoopa Psychic Type.png Dark Type.png
Shaymin Grass Type.png Flying Type.png

By Tutor

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Bulbasaur Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Ivysaur Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Venusaur Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Butterfree Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Beedrill Bug Type.png Poison Type.png
Pikachu Electric Type.png
Raichu Electric Type.png Psychic Type.png
Clefairy Fairy Type.png
Clefable Fairy Type.png
Jigglypuff Normal Type.png Fairy Type.png
Wigglytuff Normal Type.png Fairy Type.png
Oddish Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Gloom Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Vileplume Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Paras Bug Type.png Grass Type.png
Parasect Bug Type.png Grass Type.png
Venonat Bug Type.png Poison Type.png
Venomoth Bug Type.png Poison Type.png
Meowth Dark Type.png
Persian Normal Type.png
Psyduck Water Type.png
Golduck Water Type.png
Abra Psychic Type.png
Kadabra Psychic Type.png
Alakazam Psychic Type.png
Bellsprout Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Weepinbell Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Victreebel Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Slowpoke Water Type.png Psychic Type.png
Slowbro Water Type.png Psychic Type.png
Magnemite Electric Type.png Steel Type.png
Magneton Electric Type.png Steel Type.png
Drowzee Psychic Type.png
Hypno Psychic Type.png
Voltorb Electric Type.png
Electrode Electric Type.png
Exeggcute Grass Type.png Psychic Type.png
Exeggutor Grass Type.png Dragon Type.png
Koffing Poison Type.png
Weezing Poison Type.png
Chansey Normal Type.png
Tangela Grass Type.png
Staryu Water Type.png
Starmie Water Type.png Psychic Type.png
Mr.Mime Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Jynx Ice Type.png Psychic Type.png
Electabuzz Electric Type.png
Jolteon Electric Type.png
Porygon Normal Type.png
Zapdos Electric Type.png Flying Type.png
Mewtwo Psychic Type.png
Mew Psychic Type.png
Chikorita Grass Type.png
Bayleef Grass Type.png
Meganium Grass Type.png
Hoothoot Normal Type.png Flying Type.png
Noctowl Normal Type.png Flying Type.png
Ledyba Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Ledian Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Spinarak Bug Type.png Poison Type.png
Ariados Bug Type.png Poison Type.png
Chinchou Water Type.png Electric Type.png
Lanturn Water Type.png Electric Type.png
Pichu Electric Type.png
Cleffa Fairy Type.png
Igglybuff Normal Type.png Fairy Type.png
Togepi Fairy Type.png
Togetic Fairy Type.png Flying Type.png
Natu Psychic Type.png Flying Type.png
Xatu Psychic Type.png Flying Type.png
Mareep Electric Type.png
Flaaffy Electric Type.png
Ampharos Electric Type.png Dragon Type.png
Bellossom Grass Type.png
Hoppip Grass Type.png Flying Type.png
Skiploom Grass Type.png Flying Type.png
Jumpluff Grass Type.png Flying Type.png
Sunkern Grass Type.png
Sunflora Grass Type.png
Yanma Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Wooper Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Quagsire Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Espeon Psychic Type.png
Umbreon Dark Type.png
Slowking Water Type.png Psychic Type.png
Misdreavus Ghost Type.png
Girafarig Normal Type.png Psychic Type.png
Shuckle Bug Type.png Rock Type.png
Skarmory Steel Type.png Flying Type.png
Porygon2 Normal Type.png
Stantler Normal Type.png
Smoochum Ice Type.png Psychic Type.png
Elekid Electric Type.png
Blissey Normal Type.png
Raikou Electric Type.png
Entei Fire Type.png
Lugia Psychic Type.png Flying Type.png
Ho-oh Fire Type.png Flying Type.png
Celebi Psychic Type.png Grass Type.png
Treecko Grass Type.png
Grovyle Grass Type.png
Sceptile Grass Type.png Dragon Type.png
Beautifly Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Dustox Bug Type.png Poison Type.png
Lotad Water Type.png Grass Type.png
Lombre Water Type.png Grass Type.png
Ludicolo Water Type.png Grass Type.png
Seedot Grass Type.png
Nuzleaf Grass Type.png Dark Type.png
Shiftry Grass Type.png Dark Type.png
Ralts Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Kirlia Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Gardevoir Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Surskit Bug Type.png Water Type.png
Masquerain Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Shroomish Grass Type.png
Breloom Grass Type.png Fighting Type.png
Nincada Bug Type.png Ground Type.png
Ninjask Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Shedinja Bug Type.png Ghost Type.png
Skitty Normal Type.png
Delcatty Normal Type.png
Sableye Dark Type.png Ghost Type.png
Meditite Fighting Type.png Psychic Type.png
Medicham Fighting Type.png Psychic Type.png
Electrike Electric Type.png
Manectric Electric Type.png
Plusle Electric Type.png
Minun Electric Type.png
Illumise Bug Type.png
Roselia Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Spoink Psychic Type.png
Grumpig Psychic Type.png
Spinda Normal Type.png
Cacnea Grass Type.png
Cacturne Grass Type.png Dark Type.png
Lunatone Rock Type.png Psychic Type.png
Solrock Rock Type.png Psychic Type.png
Baltoy Ground Type.png Psychic Type.png
Claydol Ground Type.png Psychic Type.png
Lileep Rock Type.png Grass Type.png
Cradily Rock Type.png Grass Type.png
Castform Fire Type.png
Kecleon Normal Type.png
Shuppet Ghost Type.png
Banette Ghost Type.png
Duskull Ghost Type.png
Dusclops Ghost Type.png
Tropius Grass Type.png Flying Type.png
Chimecho Psychic Type.png
Absol Dark Type.png
Snorunt Ice Type.png
Glalie Ice Type.png
Metang Steel Type.png Psychic Type.png
Metagross Steel Type.png Psychic Type.png
Latias Dragon Type.png Psychic Type.png
Latios Dragon Type.png Psychic Type.png
Jirachi Steel Type.png Psychic Type.png
Deoxys Psychic Type.png
Turtwig Grass Type.png
Grotle Grass Type.png
Torterra Grass Type.png Ground Type.png
Kricketune Bug Type.png
Shinx Electric Type.png
Luxio Electric Type.png
Luxray Electric Type.png
Budew Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Roserade Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Wormadam Bug Type.png Steel Type.png
Mothim Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Vespiquen Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Pachirisu Electric Type.png
Cherubi Grass Type.png
Cherrim Grass Type.png
Gastrodon Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Drifloon Ghost Type.png Flying Type.png
Drifblim Ghost Type.png Flying Type.png
Mismagius Ghost Type.png
Glameow Normal Type.png
Purugly Normal Type.png
Chingling Psychic Type.png
Bronzor Steel Type.png Psychic Type.png
Bronzong Steel Type.png Psychic Type.png
Mime Jr. Psychic Type.png Fairy Type.png
Happiny Normal Type.png
Spiritomb Ghost Type.png Dark Type.png
Skorupi Poison Type.png Bug Type.png
Drapion Poison Type.png Dark Type.png
Carnivine Grass Type.png
Finneon Water Type.png
Lumineon Water Type.png
Snover Grass Type.png Ice Type.png
Abomasnow Grass Type.png Ice Type.png
Magnezone Electric Type.png Steel Type.png
Tangrowth Grass Type.png
Electivire Electric Type.png
Togekiss Fairy Type.png Flying Type.png
Yanmega Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Leafeon Grass Type.png
Porygon-Z Normal Type.png
Gallade Psychic Type.png Fighting Type.png
Dusknoir Ghost Type.png
Froslass Ice Type.png Ghost Type.png
Rotom Electric Type.png Ice Type.png
Uxie Psychic Type.png
Mesprit Psychic Type.png
Azelf Psychic Type.png
Dialga Steel Type.png Dragon Type.png
Cresselia Psychic Type.png
Manaphy Water Type.png
Darkrai Dark Type.png
Shaymin Grass Type.png Flying Type.png
Arceus Normal Type.png
Victini Psychic Type.png Fire Type.png
Snivy Grass Type.png
Servine Grass Type.png
Serperior Grass Type.png
Watchog Normal Type.png
Pansage Grass Type.png
Simisage Grass Type.png
Munna Psychic Type.png
Musharna Psychic Type.png
Blitzle Electric Type.png
Zebstrika Electric Type.png
Woobat Psychic Type.png Flying Type.png
Swoobat Psychic Type.png Flying Type.png
Audino Normal Type.png Fairy Type.png
Sewaddle Bug Type.png Grass Type.png
Swadloon Bug Type.png Grass Type.png
Leavanny Bug Type.png Grass Type.png
Cottonee Grass Type.png Fairy Type.png
Whimsicott Grass Type.png Fairy Type.png
Petilil Grass Type.png
Lilligant Grass Type.png
Sigilyph Psychic Type.png Flying Type.png
Yamask Ghost Type.png
Cofagrigus Ghost Type.png
Gothita Psychic Type.png
Gothorita Psychic Type.png
Gothitelle Psychic Type.png
Solosis Psychic Type.png
Duosion Psychic Type.png
Reuniclus Psychic Type.png
Deerling Normal Type.png Grass Type.png
Sawsbuck Normal Type.png Grass Type.png
Emolga Electric Type.png Flying Type.png
Foongus Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Amoonguss Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Frillish Water Type.png Ghost Type.png
Jellicent Water Type.png Ghost Type.png
Joltik Bug Type.png Electric Type.png
Galvantula Bug Type.png Electric Type.png
Ferroseed Grass Type.png Steel Type.png
Ferrothorn Grass Type.png Steel Type.png
Eelektrik Electric Type.png
Eelektross Electric Type.png
Elgyem Psychic Type.png
Beheeyem Psychic Type.png
Litwick Ghost Type.png Fire Type.png
Lampent Ghost Type.png Fire Type.png
Chandelure Ghost Type.png Fire Type.png
Stunfisk Ground Type.png Electric Type.png
Golett Ground Type.png Ghost Type.png
Golurk Ground Type.png Ghost Type.png
Virizion Grass Type.png Fighting Type.png
Zekrom Dragon Type.png Electric Type.png
Meloetta Normal Type.png Psychic Type.png
Genesect Bug Type.png Steel Type.png
Chespin Grass Type.png
Quilladin Grass Type.png
Chesnaught Grass Type.png Fighting Type.png
Vivillon Bug Type.png Flying Type.png
Flabébé Fairy Type.png
Floette Fairy Type.png
Florges Fairy Type.png
Furfrou Normal Type.png
Espurr Psychic Type.png
Meowstic Psychic Type.png
Spritzee Fairy Type.png
Aromatisse Fairy Type.png
Swirlix Fairy Type.png
Slurpuff Fairy Type.png
Inkay Dark Type.png Psychic Type.png
Malamar Dark Type.png Psychic Type.png
Helioptile Electric Type.png Normal Type.png
Heliolisk Electric Type.png Normal Type.png
Amaura Rock Type.png Ice Type.png
Aurorus Rock Type.png Ice Type.png
Sylveon Fairy Type.png
Dedenne Electric Type.png Fairy Type.png
Carbink Rock Type.png Fairy Type.png
Pumpkaboo Ghost Type.png Grass Type.png
Gourgeist Ghost Type.png Grass Type.png
Bergmite Ice Type.png
Avalugg Ice Type.png
Xerneas Fairy Type.png
Diancie Rock Type.png Fairy Type.png
Hoopa Psychic Type.png Dark Type.png

By Egg Move

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2