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Fissure is a damaging Ground-type move that faints the target if it hits. The accuracy of the move rises the higher the user's level is compared to the target's (with the formula (User's Level-Opponent's Level)+30), and will fail if the target is a higher level than the user. Fissure always hits a digging Pokémon if it would normally be possible to hit the target. Accuracy and evasion modifiers do not affect Fissure's accuracy, and No Guard has no effect on a user of Fissure.


Category Physical
Type Ground Type.png
PP: 5
Priority: 0
Target: Single Target
TM/Tutor: TM113: Fissure
External move:


By Level

Pokémon Level Type 1 Type 2
Camerupt 1,59 Fire Type.png Ground Type.png
Diglett 43 Ground Type.png Steel Type.png
Dugtrio 53 Ground Type.png Steel Type.png
Landorus 0,67 Ground Type.png Flying Type.png
Landorus 0,67 Ground Type.png Flying Type.png
Trapinch 47 Ground Type.png
Wormadam 47 Bug Type.png Ground Type.png
Stunfisk 1,61 Ground Type.png Electric Type.png
Diglett 43 Ground Type.png
Dugtrio 53 Ground Type.png
Hippopotas 50 Ground Type.png
Hippowdon 60 Ground Type.png
Barboach 44 Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Whiscash 52 Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Groudon 65 Ground Type.png
Drilbur 47 Ground Type.png
Excadrill 62 Ground Type.png Steel Type.png


Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Landorus Ground Type.png Flying Type.png
Wormadam Bug Type.png Ground Type.png
Landorus Ground Type.png Flying Type.png

By Tutor

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Charizard Fire Type.png Flying Type.png
Blastoise Water Type.png
Ekans Poison Type.png
Arbok Poison Type.png
Sandshrew Ice Type.png Steel Type.png
Sandslash Ice Type.png Steel Type.png
Nidoqueen Poison Type.png Ground Type.png
Nidoking Poison Type.png Ground Type.png
Poliwhirl Water Type.png
Poliwrath Water Type.png Fighting Type.png
Machop Fighting Type.png
Machoke Fighting Type.png
Machamp Fighting Type.png
Geodude Rock Type.png Ground Type.png
Graveler Rock Type.png Electric Type.png
Golem Rock Type.png Electric Type.png
Slowpoke Water Type.png Psychic Type.png
Slowbro Water Type.png Psychic Type.png
Onix Rock Type.png Ground Type.png
Cubone Ground Type.png
Marowak Fire Type.png Ghost Type.png
Lickitung Normal Type.png
Rhyhorn Ground Type.png Rock Type.png
Rhydon Ground Type.png Rock Type.png
Kangaskhan Normal Type.png
Tauros Normal Type.png
Mew Psychic Type.png

By Egg Move

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Swinub Ice Type.png Ground Type.png
Wailord Water Type.png
Lapras Water Type.png Ice Type.png
Gastrodon Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Phanpy Ground Type.png
Snorlax Normal Type.png
Torkoal Fire Type.png
Donphan Ground Type.png
Shellos Water Type.png
Wailmer Water Type.png
Piloswine Ice Type.png Ground Type.png
Mamoswine Ice Type.png Ground Type.png
Sealeo Ice Type.png Water Type.png
Bastiodon Rock Type.png Steel Type.png
Walrein Ice Type.png Water Type.png
Spheal Ice Type.png Water Type.png
Shieldon Rock Type.png Steel Type.png