Fiery Shrine

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Fiery Shrine Struc.png

A Fiery Shrine is a tower-like Structure that can be used to summon Moltres and Galarian Moltres.

The interior of the structure are completely ruined, so a parkour will be the only way to reach the top.
At the top of the Structure is the shrine itself, which can be activated with a charged Orb of Fiery Souls/Orb of Malevolent Souls to spawn the Legendary Moltres/Galarian Moltres.

A loot chest was placed by someone right behind the shrine, but as his stuff got stolen again and again he moved it somewhere else.

It has a chance to spawn in Dry biomes.


  • "/struc fire_shrine": Spawns a Fiery Shrine at your position.

Config settings


  • "reusableBirdShrines": Sets if Legendary Birds shrines can be used only one time (false) or multiple times (true).