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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains a list of frequently asked Pixelmon-related quesitons. It is under constant update, so in case something is missing, feel free to let us know on Discord!
If you need more help or can't find a solution to your issue, join the official Pixelmon Discord and open a ticket in our #support channel.




Can I play Pixelmon on Minecraft Bedrock edition or Console?

Sadly it is not possible. Pixelmon can only be installed and played on Java edition (PC).

Fix for Technic on Mac

Mac users can have issues with the Technic pack caused by some incompatibilities with Optifine. It is possible to solve such incompatibilities by downgrading your Java version:
  1. - Remove Java 8 from MacOS Big Sur:
    1. Open the Terminal application
    2. Run the following commands:
      (Can be copy/pasted as a whole)
      sudo rm -fr /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin
      sudo rm -fr /Library/PreferencePanes/JavaControlPanel.prefPane
      sudo rm -fr ~/Library/Application\ Support/Java
    3. Open the Java settings and disable automatic updates.
  2. - Install Java 8u-251 Official version:

How to show pokémon icons on my minimap mod?

Currently only Journey Map is supported for this function.
Download Journey Map and Generations Buddy sidemod and add them to your /mods folder.
To enable the icons, hit J key while in game and select the "Options" square.
Choose the Minimap Preset you are currently using (1 by default) and click on Mob Display until "Large Icons" appears.

How to stop Pixelmon from auto-downloading Biomes o' Plenty?

Pixelmon Generations auto-downloads Biomes o' Plenty on start-up.
To disable this feature, create a .txt file named skipbopdownload.txt and add it to your /mods folder.

Minecraft crashes on start-up/never finishes loading or is very laggy. How do I fix it?

All these issues can be caused by tons of different factors, feel free to come to our Discord if this doesn't help.

- The most common solution is dedicating more Ram to the launcher, 3 Gigs are usually recommended to play smoothly on any server:
Open the Minecraft Launcher
Select the “Installations” tab
Select your profile for Pixelmon
Select the “More Options” button
In the “JVM Arguments” box, change "-Xmx1G" to your desired amount. Example: "-Xmx3G"
Open the Technic Launcher
Select the “Launcher Options” button in the upper right
Select the “Java Settings” tab
Select the “Memory” dropdown and choose the desired amount

Can’t select above 1GB of memory? You need to install a 64bit version of Java from this page https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp! For Windows, download Windows Offline (64-bit)

- If you are on Mac, try to give a look here.
- Try to Optimize Minecraft for your system.
Keep in mind that Pixelmon Generations adds thousands of detailed models to Minecraft, so a bit of lag is to be expected.

On Technic, the modpack is taking too long to download. Why?

Download speed on Technic launcher can depend on many factors. Check your connection, restart your modem/pc or wait some minutes, Technic servers may be busy at the moment.‎
Don't want to wait? Pixelmon can also be played using Forge!

The modpack appears Offline on Technic. What can I do?

Restart Technic or relog into your Minecraft account, if you are still stuck join the Discord and open a ticket in our #support channel.


I can not join any server. Why is this?

Check the Error message you get on join.
If it contains Out of Memory you need to dedicate more Ram to your launcher. (Refer to crash on start-up issue)
Otherwise join the Discord and open a ticket in our #support channel, a staffer will be happy to help!

Can I create a custom Texture and make it spawn on my server?

Yes! Anyone is able to create custom Textures if desired. However it is not possible to make them spawn naturally by default.
Servers are able to integrate this feature by using AssetManager plugin.

(currently only available on our Server Owner’s Discord)

Can I run my own Pixelmon Generations server? If yes, How?

Of course! You are more than welcome to create and advertise your own Pixelmon server; refer to Server Setup for a full guide!
In case you don't plan to self host your server, consider checking our server hosting Partners to receive a discount and full support on setup:
Need a website for your server? Check out our website hosting Partners:
Need some premade or commissioned buildings for your server? Check out our builders Partner:
Looking for a cheaper alternative? They also offer a dollar builds option!

Need some help with your server? Join our Server Owner’s Discord.

How do I get my server on the Pixelmon Generations Technic launcher server list?

It is possible to have your Pixelmon Generations server added to the Technic launcher list!

Having your server in the list is not as simple as asking to for it!
Server owners must contribute to the community/mod in order to obtain this status.
Here's what you can do to increase the chances of being chosen:
  1. Join the official Generations Discord and Server Owner's Discord and be available to help a member in need.
  2. Post your Server on the Discord in the #pixelmon-servers channel often.
  3. Be on a Pixelmon Team (Dev, Beta, Support, Wiki, Mechanics, etc)
  4. Submit resources (Plugins, Sidemods, Tips, etc)
  5. Grow your server to a higher player base.
  6. Wait some time! Being accepted is not an instantaneous process.

Where can I advertise my server?

Pixelmon Generations allows Public server owners to "officially" advertise their server(s):
- On the official Website it is possible to create your personal server page and even add a Voting system to reward the players!
- On the official Discord it is possible to advertise your server in #pixelmon-servers channel.
Create a fancy banner and introduction to attract as many players as possible!


Is it safe to update the mod to latest released version? If yes, how to do it?

Yes, of course! However it is always suggested to create a backup of your world before opening it in a newer version, in case of new eventual bugs.
Updating is as simple as replacing the old .jar file with the new one! Technic will do it in automatic on start up.
Note: After updating the mod, it is recommended to regenerate your configs. This will reset them to default, but the newer settings will appear.
(Doing so helps avoiding eventual bugs and issues caused by outdated configs)

How to Regenerate configs? And why is it needed?

Regenerating your configs is needed to obtain newer settings to further customize your server, and to avoid bugs and issues caused by outdated configs!
It is possible to do so by locating your config folder and deleting pixelmon.hocon and BetterSpawnerConfig.json.
They will be regenerated automatically on modpack/server restart.
Note: All changes done to the files will be lost, it will be necessary to update the new configs by hand afterwards!

Locating the config folder

When setting/updating your server it is often necessary to locate the Pixelmon configs to either Edit or Regenerate them.
The two files containing all Pixelmon settings are respectively named:
- pixelmon.hocon
- BetterSpawnerConfig.json
All Pixelmon configs can be accessed and edited using a text editor (ex: Notepad++).
In your search bar type %appdata%
Then follow %appdata%/.minecraft/config.
(Technic will automatically regenerate your /config folder after each update.)
It can still be done by hand by typing in the search bar %appdata%
Then follow %appdata%/.technic/modpacks/pixelmon-513-pro/config.
Look for server files folder (it can be located in your pc or on the hosting service website, depending on the service)
Open it and search for /config folder.

Where can I report a Bug/Suggest a new feature for Pixelmon?

Before reporting a bug, be sure:
- You are on the most recent version of the mod, that bug may have already been fixed in latest version!
- It is possible to reproduce it. It is not possible to fix a bug without a consistent way to reproduce it.
- It hasn't been reported already, scroll the list to avoid duplicate reports.

Bug reports and Suggestions can both be delivered to the developers by opening a New Issue on our Issue Tracker.


How to Start

First time playing Pixelmon? Need a guide on how to start your adventure?
Consider giving a look at How to Start!

Where can I find a guide for GUIs/HUDs?

A guide for all player interfaces will be introduced Soon(ish) on the wiki.
For the moment, for any question or doubt, you are more than welcome to join our Discord and ask our community!

How do I get Cosmetics?

Player Cosmetics are an unique feature introuduced by Pixelmon Generations. It is possible to access your cosmetic menu by using the N key.
At the moment, they can only be obtained via the /givecosmetic command.

How to Enter/Exit the Ultra Space?

The Ultra Space is a whole new dimension added by Pixelmon!
Its atmosphere is lethal to humans, so remember to equip yourself with a full Crystal Armor before launching yourself in it!
In order to access the Ultra Space a player will have to satisfy 3 requisites:
- Find a Celestial Altar.
- Have one of the Light Trio Legends in the Party.
- Obtain a Sun/Moon Flute.
Use the Flute on the Altar at the corresponding time of the day while having the corresponding Legend in the Party.
(i.e. Use a Sun Flute during daytime with a Solgaleo in the Party. Necrozma will work with both Flutes.)

Right-click the Flute again to exit the Ultra Space.

How does Legendary/Ultra Beasts spawn work?

Many Legendary Pokémon have now a custom summoning mechanic and cannot spawn in the wild anymore!
You can find the full list here.
Legends and Ultra Beasts that can still spawn in the wild follow this simple process:
  1. Some chunks around the world are enabled for legendary spawns.
    If a player is near enough one of these chunks, the legend will have a really low chance (usually around 0.02%) to spawn.
  2. Once a Legend spawns, a cooldown timer starts, until the timer is over no other Legend will have a chance to spawn.
  3. Once the cooldown timer is over, wild Legends spawns are re-enabled, returning them to their original chance.

We don't suggest to camp for Legends/Ultra Beasts, they have been made extremely rare on purpose!
Have fun with our mod and enjoy the happiness of finally seeing one spawn for the first time!

How to increase the Legendary spawn rate?

There is currently no easy way to increase spawn rate for Legends only.
It is still possible to edit the intervalSeconds value in BetterSpawnerConfig.json config to make them a little more common.
This value specifies the length of the cooldown timer the mod creates after a Legendary spawns, during this "gap" no other wild Legend will be able to spawn.
(at default is 7200 seconds = 2 hours)

Note: If desired, Legend spawn rate and modality can be customized by installing Legendary Generator sidemod.
Legendary Generator is not managed by the Generations staff, so for any question or support refer to Lypaka's Discord.

How to locate a structure? Is it possible to make them more common?

There is currently no way to locate a structure, but it is possible to spawn them using the /struc command.
It is also not possible to make them more common at the moment, this setting will be added in a future update!

How to spawn the regional variant of a Pokémon (Alolan/Galarian)?

Specify form:3 (for Alolan) or form:10 (for Galarian) after the Pokémon name.
(ex: /pokespawn Geodude form:3)

How to teach a Pokémon a move that is no more a TM/TR?

For TMs and TRs, Pixelmon Generations follows the organization of latest released official Pokémon game.
All the moves that do not have anymore the TM/HM status can still be obtained by level up, breeding or by talking to a Move Tutor.

If I don't generate my world with Biomes o' plenty, can I still find all the pokémon, structures and biomes?

All the biomes added by Biomes o' Plenty mod will not be generated (there will be no Origin Island or Orchard biomes), but all the Pokémon, Structures and various Pixelmon features will still be completely available!

Is it possible to complete the Pokédex in single player?

Yes! It is 100% possible!
The pokémon that could only be obtained via trading can now be found spawning naturally! They are particulary rare, but can all be obtained with a bit of luck.

Is it possible to disable natural Bosses, Totems and Npc spawning?

In pixelmon.hocon config it is possible to edit 3 values that can stop their spawning:
By changing their value to 0 it is possible to completely stop their spawning.

Is it possible to disable natural Pokémon spawning?

In BetterSpawnerConfig.json config it is possible to edit the values under "dimensions": to select what dimension wild pokémon will spawn in:
0 - Overworld
-1 - Nether
1 - End
24 - Ultra Space
Remove the value of a dimension from the list to stop natural Pokémon spawning.

Is it possible to modify Shopkeepers to select what they sell?

While Shopkeepers can be spawned and edited to an extent using the NPC Editor, it is not possible to choose what items they can buy and sell while in-game.
To edit the items a Shopkeeper will buy/sell, you will have to edit the Shopkeeper's external JSON files.
- Here is a detailed tutorial on how to do it, in case you need more help:
How To Customize Shopkeepers in Pixelmon Generations

Support Pixelmon

I love Pixelmon and want to support its development by donating, how can I do it?

Pixelmon Generations officially opened a Pateron.pngPatreon and Tebex.jpgTebex, where you will be able to purchase Ranks and Cosmetics(Soon™).
Rank benefits can be found listed in the websites, spanning from a custom (and unique) cosmetic to an official login message whenever you join a world!

You are also more than welcome to join any of our many official servers!
Come play with our community and share the fun with your friends and family!
Also consider leaving a follow to our official Twitter account, to not lose any info on updates and giveaways!

I got a Patreon rank, but don't know how to connect it to my Discord to claim all the perks.

We are really thankful for your support, now you are a Pixelmon Generations patron!
Once become a supporter, you are able to claim all your rank Discord perks by linking it with your Patreon/Tebex account.

"My membership" highlighted in red.
While on Tebex you will be tasked to link your Discord account during the checkout, Patreon will require one more passage:
  1. Navigate to Pixelmon Generations page, click on "My membership" and scroll a bit down;
  2. Look for the Discord Community section;
  3. Click on "Connect to Discord" and login with your account to claim all the benefits!

Grid Warning.png You are only able to link one Minecraft/Discord account to your Patreon, be sure you got all the credential right while logging in. Grid Warning.png

I'd like to join the Pixelmon Team, is it possible?

It is not possible to apply at the moment. Applications may return open in the future.

Can I develop a sidemod/plugin for Pixelmon?

Yes, of course! For any development or API-related question feel free to join our official Discord, the community and staffers will be happy to help!