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Dragon is one of the fifteen Egg Groups.

Pokemon Egg Groups
Charmander Monster/Dragon
Charmeleon Monster/Dragon
Charizard Monster/Dragon
Ekans Field/Dragon
Arbok Field/Dragon
Horsea Water 1/Dragon
Seadra Water 1/Dragon
Magikarp Water 2/Dragon
Gyarados Water 2/Dragon
Dratini Water 1/Dragon
Dragonair Water 1/Dragon
Dragonite Water 1/Dragon
Kingdra Water 1/Dragon
Treecko Monster/Dragon
Grovyle Monster/Dragon
Sceptile Monster/Dragon
Swablu Flying/Dragon
Altaria Flying/Dragon
Seviper Field/Dragon
Feebas Water 1/Dragon
Milotic Water 1/Dragon
Bagon Dragon
Shelgon Dragon
Salamence Dragon
Gible Monster/Dragon
Gabite Monster/Dragon
Garchomp Monster/Dragon
Scraggy Field/Dragon
Scrafty Field/Dragon
Axew Monster/Dragon
Fraxure Monster/Dragon
Haxorus Monster/Dragon
Druddigon Monster/Dragon
Deino Dragon
Zweilous Dragon
Hydreigon Dragon
Skrelp Water 1/Dragon
Dragalge Water 1/Dragon
Helioptile Monster/Dragon
Heliolisk Monster/Dragon
Tyrunt Monster/Dragon
Tyrantrum Monster/Dragon
Goomy Dragon
Sliggoo Dragon
Goodra Dragon
Salandit Dragon/Monster
Salazzle Dragon/Monster
Turtonator Dragon/Monster
Drampa Dragon/Monster
Jangmo-o Dragon
Hakamo-o Dragon
Kommo-o Dragon