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A cloning machine is a machine that can be used to extract DNA from Mew to form Mewtwo. However, the experiment will sometimes fail and only produce a Ditto. It is made with a green tank, orange tank, and cloner cord. It is possible to break and retrieve a cloning machine by hand, but a pickaxe will speed up the process.

In order to produce a Mewtwo, a Mew must first be placed in the machine by right-clicking the machine with a Mew in the player's party. Afterwards, any combination of three blocks of diamond, gold, or iron must be inserted into the machine. Higher quality blocks will increase the chance of producing a Mewtwo instead of a Ditto.
The three types of blocks are each worth different values in the cloning machine.

Block Value
Block of Iron 1
Block of Gold 3
Block of Diamond 5

The chance of producing Mewtwo is calculated by summing the values of the three blocks, and dividing this sum by 40. The maximum success rate is 37.5% with three blocks of diamond, while the minimum success rate is 7.5% with three blocks of iron.

Once three blocks are placed in the cloning machine, a Mewtwo or a Ditto will be created in the machine after a few seconds
If a Mewtwo is created, the Mewtwo will destroy the Orange Tank of the cloning machine and render the machine unusable. It will then behave like a normal wild Pokémon and can be engaged in battle. If a Ditto is created, it will not destroy the machine and can be battled by right-clicking the machine. If the cloning machine is destroyed by the player before the Ditto is battled, the Ditto will be lost. Either way, Mew will return to the player's party after the cloned Pokémon exits the machine.

Each Mew can only be used with a cloning machine three times.

Config settings

  • "Cloning Machines Enabled": If set to "false", cloning machines cannot be made, making Mewtwo impossible to obtain legitimately.