Celestial Altar

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The Celestial Altar is found generated in a special structure, called the Celestial Shrine, which can rarely spawn in certain biomes. It is used to summon an Ultra Wormhole to enter the Ultra Space dimension. The altar features Temple Blocks, Terracotta, End Stone, Magma Blocks, Packed Ice, and Ultra Blocks in the main structure and the Celestial Altar itself. The Celestial Altar can be in a day or night state dependent upon the time of day.



In order to use the Celestial Altar, the player must first obtain a Flute and one Pokemon of the Light Trio. Dependent upon the time of day, the player must have a Sun Flute or Moon Flute. Depending upon which Flute is used, the corresponding Light Trio Pokemon must also be used. Solgaleo or Necrozma for the Sun Flute and Lunala or Necrozma for the Moon Flute. Flutes only have a limited amount of uses.

Altar State Flute Pokémon
Celestial altar sun.png Day Time Sun Flute Solgaleo or Necrozma
Celestial altar moon.png Night Time Moon Flute Lunala or Necrozma


Once a Flute and one of the Light Trio Pokemon have been obtained, the player can activate the altar. Activate it by right-clicking the altar with a Flute respective to the time of day and a Light Trio Pokemon in your party. The player will then be transported into the Ultra Space dimension.

The flute is not taken upon activation but the altar does take away 1 use from the flute itself.

Config settings

  • "spawnStructures": If disabled, the altar(and all other Pixelmon structures) will not spawn naturally.