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Boss Pokémon are rare types of Pokémon. They are stronger and larger than normal Pokémon, and fight more aggressively than normal Pokémon when in battle. They can drop several rare items upon defeat. Boss Pokémon cannot be captured.


Boss Pokémon do not display levels above their heads, unlike normal Pokémon. Instead, their levels are scaled based on the highest-level Pokémon in the player's party when the boss Pokémon is engaged in battle.

Boss Pokémon have colored text that shows above them, which lacks a level and can be seen from farther away than the overhead text above normal Pokémon. This text indicates the number of levels above the player's highest-level Pokémon that the boss Pokémon will be.

The following table displays the level advantage that each type of boss Pokémon will have over the player's highest-level Pokémon.

Name Color Levels Above
Uncommon Green 5
Rare Yellow 10
Legendary Red 20
Ultimate Orange 40

For example, if the player's highest-level Pokémon is level 80, a rare (yellow label) boss Pokémon will be level 90. However, if the player's highest-level Pokémon is level 60, the same rare boss Pokémon will instead be level 70. The moveset of a wild boss Pokémon may change with each battle (if a player escapes from or is defeated by the boss Pokémon); however, growth, Natures, Abilities, and IVs will not change between encounters.


There are two different types of boss Pokémon, each spawning in different ways.

Mega Evolved boss Pokémon

A Mega Evolved boss Pokémon will spawn approximately once every minute in the world if possible. The species of Mega Evolution is randomly selected from all existing Mega Evolutions that can spawn in the spawn location, and may spawn even in biomes where the base form of the Pokémon would not normally spawn. Mega Evolved boss Pokémon can only natural spawn as rare or legendary bosses, and legendary Mega Evolved boss Pokémon will always have their Shiny colorations. Rare bosses spawn 70% of the time, while legendary bosses spawn the remaining 30% of the time.

All colors of Mega Evolved boss Pokémon can be spawned with the /pokespawn command with the regular form of the Pokémon and the boss:[1-4] argument, with 1 for uncommon, 2 for rare, 3 for legendary, and 4 for ultimate (e.g., a legendary boss Mega Venusaur can be spawned with the command, /pokespawn venusaur boss:3). Uncommon and rare boss Pokémon will have their regular coloration, while legendary and ultimate boss Pokémon will be Shiny.


Boss Pokémon can drop several rare items after they are defeated. Different boss Pokémon have different possible drops.

Uncommon/Rare boss Pokémon

When an uncommon or a rare boss Pokémon is defeated, one item is dropped from the following list.

Legendary/Ultimate boss Pokémon

When a legendary or an ultimate boss Pokémon is defeated, one item is dropped from the following list.

Mega Evolved boss Pokémon

When a player first defeats a Mega Evolved boss Pokémon, the player will gain access to a Mega Bracelet, an accessory required to trigger Mega Evolution.

Mega Evolved boss Pokémon can also drop the corresponding Mega Stones required for the boss Pokémon's Mega Evolution. The first defeated Mega Evolved boss Pokémon of each Pokémon species will always drop its Mega Stone, while subsequent boss Pokémon defeats will have a 1/40 chance of dropping the corresponding Mega Stone again.

For example, a player who has not obtained any Mega Stones or a Mega Bracelet defeats a boss Mega Venusaur. The Venusaur is guaranteed to yield a Mega Bracelet and a Venusaurite. If the player finds another boss Mega Venusaur, there is a 1/40 chance that the boss will drop a second Venusaurite for the player upon defeat. If the player later finds a boss Mega Blastoise, the Blastoise will be guaranteed to drop a Blastoisinite because it is the first Mega Blastoise that the player has defeated.


Uncommon/Rare boss Pokémon have a 33.3% chance of dropping a Rare Candy, while legendary/ultimate boss Pokémon has a 50% chance of dropping a Rare Candy. This Rare Candy may stack with the Rare Candy in the uncommon/rare boss Pokémon drop table, making it possible to receive two Rare Candies from these Pokémon.

In addition to the drops listed above, boss Pokémon will also drop same items that are dropped by their non-boss equivalent (e.g., a boss Mega Venusaur can drop vines.

Config settings

  • "battleAIBoss": The battle AI mode that boss Pokémon will use when choosing moves in battle.
  • "bossSpawnTicks": The average number of ticks before a Mega Evolved boss Pokémon attempts to spawn.
  • "maxNumBosses": The maximum number of naturally spawning Mega Evolved boss Pokémon that can exist per 256 spawnable chunks (as defined by the "chunkSpawnRadius" setting).
  • "useExternalJSONFiles": Allows boss Pokémon drops to be modified in the "bossdrops.json" external JSON file.