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Belch is a damaging Poison-type move that only works if the user has already eaten a Berry during the battle.


Category Special
Type Poison Type.png
Power: 120
Accuracy: 90
PP: 10
Priority: 0
Target: Single Target
External move:


By Level

Pokémon Level Type 1 Type 2
Garbodor 49 Poison Type.png
Koffing 42 Poison Type.png
Grimer 46 Poison Type.png
Stunky 43 Poison Type.png Dark Type.png
Weezing 51 Poison Type.png
Muk 52 Poison Type.png Dark Type.png
Skuntank 43 Poison Type.png Dark Type.png
Gulpin 41 Poison Type.png
Swalot 49 Poison Type.png
Grumpig 1 Psychic Type.png
Seviper 41 Poison Type.png
Croagunk 47 Poison Type.png Fighting Type.png
Toxicroak 58 Poison Type.png Fighting Type.png
Whiscash 1 Water Type.png Ground Type.png
Ekans 38 Poison Type.png
Arbok 48 Poison Type.png
Grimer 46 Poison Type.png
Muk 52 Poison Type.png
Trubbish 42 Poison Type.png


Pokémon Type 1 Type 2

By Tutor

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2

By Egg Move

Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
Salazzle Poison Type.png Fire Type.png
Pansear Fire Type.png
Bouffalant Normal Type.png
Cacnea Grass Type.png
Bellsprout Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Snorlax Normal Type.png
Slowking Water Type.png Psychic Type.png
Munchlax Normal Type.png
Slowbro Water Type.png Psychic Type.png
Deino Dark Type.png Dragon Type.png
Hydreigon Dark Type.png Dragon Type.png
Cacturne Grass Type.png Dark Type.png
Heatmor Fire Type.png
Miltank Normal Type.png
Victreebel Grass Type.png Poison Type.png
Magmar Fire Type.png
Dewgong Water Type.png Ice Type.png
Zweilous Dark Type.png Dragon Type.png
Lickitung Normal Type.png
Lickilicky Normal Type.png
Seel Water Type.png
Slowpoke Water Type.png Psychic Type.png
Magby Fire Type.png
Salandit Poison Type.png Fire Type.png
Magmortar Fire Type.png
Simisear Fire Type.png
Weepinbell Grass Type.png Poison Type.png