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An Apricorn Tree is a type of small tree that produces one of seven types of Apricorns. The available types of Apricorn Trees are Black, White, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red. Apricorn Trees have six growth stages that progress from just planted to bearing an Apricorn over time. Once the Apricorn Tree has reached its final stage, it can be interacted with to obtain an Apricorn that is colored dependent on the type of Apricorn Tree. After the Apricorn is taken, the tree will move back two stages.

Apricorn Trees can be found naturally in any forest biome. Apricorn Trees can be placed on Grass, Dirt, Coarse Dirt, and Podzol. Bonemeal and a Wailmer Pail can be used to progress a stage. However, a Wailmer Pail can only be used to progress one stage a day. When an Apricorn Tree is broken, an Oak Log will be dropped.


Biomes that Apricorn Trees can be found in:

  • Birch Forest
  • Birch Forest Hills
  • Birch Forest Hills M
  • Birch Forest M
  • Cold Taiga
  • Cold Taiga Hills
  • Cold Taiga M
  • Extreme Hills+
  • Extreme Hills+ M
  • Flower Forest
  • Forest
  • Forest Hills
  • Mega Spruce Taiga
  • Mega Taiga
  • Mega Taiga Hills
  • Taiga
  • Taiga Hills
  • Taiga M
  • Redwood Taiga Hills M
  • Roofed Forest
  • Roofed Forest M


Types of trees and what they produce: