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Release Date: 13th Dec 2019

New Features

  • Added Grookey
  • Added Thwackey
  • Added Rillaboom
  • Added Scorbunny
  • Added Raboot
  • Added Cinderace
  • Added Sobble
  • Added Drizzile
  • Added Inteleon
  • Added Libero Ability
  • Added Sniper Ability
  • Added Pyro Ball move
  • Added Court Change move
  • Added Branch Poke move
  • Added Snipe Shot move
  • Added Breaking Swipe move
  • Added Drum Beating move
  • Added new PokeDex background
  • Added search System to PokeDex
  • Added Mega Rayquaza’s Delta Stream
  • Added EXP Candy XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Added external JSON support to modify Breeding Blocks
  • Added living sound on open of a Pokemon in PokeDex
  • Added generation number to info in PokeDex
  • Added page number and dex range for pages in PokeDex
  • Added full WASD/Arrow Key support for both menus in PokeDex
  • Resized all the new blocks from 2.8.3 to help reduce the load on old PC’s


Remodeled + New Textures

Eevee, Espeon, Flareon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Sylveon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Necrozma, Azumarill, Azurill, Marill, Chingling, Drampa, Incineroar, Popplio, Sableye

Added Specials for

Aipom, Azurill, Azumarill, Baltoy, Bibarel, Brionne, Cherim Sunshine & Overcast, Cherubi, Chingling, Cinncino, Drampa, Marill, Mincinno, Popplio, Seviper, Shedinja

Remodeled Fossils

Armor, Claw, Cover, Dome, Helix, Jaw, Old Amber, Plume, Root, Sail, Skull

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Mega Stats on the first turn
  • Fixed Mega’s using moves AS it evolves
  • Fixed Ash Greninja not getting any boosts
  • Fixed Ash Greninja’s stats not applying
  • Fixed Ash Greninja using normal Greninja’s model after a switch
  • Fixed Aegislash, Minior, & Darmanitan not receiving stat changes on the form change
  • Fixed cases where Minior or Zygarde wouldn’t change forms if their health was EXACTLY 50%
  • Fixed Z-Moves not bypassing Protect
  • Fixed Fake Out freezing battles
  • Fixed several Pokemon with forms losing HP when thrown out of the ball on servers
  • Fixed Follow Me & Spotlight targeting incorrectly
  • Fixed Thousand Arrows & Smackdown permanently grounding
  • Fixed Thousand Arrows not doing neutral damage
  • Fixed Power Construct’s HP visuals
  • Fixed Zygarde with Power Construct reverting to a random form at end of battle
  • Fixed Double Battles leaving defenseless fainted pokemon on the field
  • Fixed NPC Double Battles being incredibly dense & switching their live Pokemon before the fainted
  • Fixed Wishiwashi’s Schooling activation message triggering below 25% health
  • Fixed Wishiwashi’s Schooling not stating when Schooling has stopped
  • Fixed Zygarde unable to learn Core moves from Tutor
  • Fixed a held item duping bug with Pokemon with forms
  • Fixed Ditto transforming into an untextured version
  • Fixed Ditto being stuck in Struggle after using Transform with a Choice item
  • Fixed Pokemon with forms spawning with incorrect movesets
  • Fixed Aerilate, Galvanize, Normalize, Pixilate, Refrigerate doing too much damage (was 30%, now 20%)
  • Fixed a syncing issue with Fury Attack & other moves sometimes turning into Fairy Type, even if the user has no Pixilate pokemon, by adding extra checks
  • Fixed Villager SpawnEggs not working with NPC Editors
  • Fixed PokeDex hitting escape on the first pokemons info on a page returning to the previous page
  • Fixed PokeDex clipping issues with Electrode & Dhelmise
  • Fixed PokeDex text scaling issues for descriptions, names, etc.
  • Fixed PokeDex time of day using all uppercase
  • Fixed Jellicent & Frillish non-specified scale
  • Fixed equal priority moves bypassing Psychic Terrain
  • Fixed non-grounded Pokemon getting healed by Grassy Terrain
  • Fixed Psychic Terrain protection not outputting a message that the user was protected
  • Fixed Misty Terrain allowing confusion, also non-grounded can still be confused
  • Fixed Misty Terrain allowing sleep, also prevents yawning Pokemon from falling asleep during Misty Terrain
  • Fixed grounded & nongrounded effects in Misty & Electric Terrain w/ Magnet Rise, Telekinesis, & Gravity
  • Fixed Electric Terrain allowing sleep, also prevents yawning Pokemon from falling asleep during Misty Terrain
  • Fixed Air Balloon conditions in Misty Terrain & Electric Terrain
  • Fixed grounded & nongrounded effects in Psychic Terrain
  • Fixed Prankster being able to use priority moves vs Dark type Pokemon
  • Fixed Popplio PokeDoll
  • Fixed Chikorita T-Pose
  • Fixed Heliolisk model
  • Fixed Floor Cushion sizing
  • Fixed Masterball Cushion sprite using Greatball’s