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Release Date: 14th Nov 2019

New Features

  • Added Shiny Chaining
  • Added Shiny Charms
  • Added new PokeDex
  • Added Spawn Info into PokeDex info
  • Added Nature update type
  • Added new PokeDex type icons
  • Added optional PokeDex item
  • Added support for custom texture override with new URL function
  • Added Radius option to /PokeKill <radius>
  • Added Radius option to /PokeRetreive <radius>
  • Added New Flat Screen TV Block
  • Added New Snorlax Bean Bag Chair
  • Added New Models & Variants for End Table with all wood types
  • Added 4 Floor Cushion Blocks
  • Added Nintendo Switch Block
  • Added New Vending Machine Models & Textures
  • Added New Umbrella Models & Textures
  • Added New Rug Model & Textures

Added New PokeDolls

Cresselia, Litten, Poliwhirl, Popplio, Rowlet, Zeraora.

Added New Specials

Abomasnow, Cresselia, Snover.

Added New Texture/UV Map

Eevee, Espeon, Ferrothorn, Flareon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Sylveon, Umbreon, Vaporeon.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed custom texture support via URL
  • Fixed a bug with surface packet not closing
  • Fixed Mind Blown not taking 50% of the users HP
  • Fixed Photon Geyser not ignoring abilities
  • Fixed Golem unable to learn Dig
  • Fixed form checks on Lugia
  • Fixed Ho-Oh able to learn Zap Cannon TM
  • Fixed MissingNo spawning from Ditto Eggs
  • Fixed Dyed PC’s & Trade Machines not dropping their dyed form/dye
  • Fixed 7 incorrect sprite sizes
  • Fixed Villager SpawnEggs not working with NPC Editor
  • Fixed Ultra Space riding pokemon into the portal crash
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Color Change
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Emergency Exit / Wimp Out
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Eject Button
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Life Orb
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Red Card
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Shell Bell
  • Fixed Toxic not being bounced back by Magic Coat if the target used Substitute
  • Fixed missing sounds for Carnivine, Minccino, Munna, & Yamask
  • Removed MissingNo spawn
  • Fixed Aegislash Stance Change not working with King’s Shield & various other bugs with Stance Change
  • Fixed Assist using moves it’s not supposed to (Baneful Bunker, Phantom Force, Mirror Move, Spotlight)
  • Removed numerous unused model classes, fixes the likes of Scizor & others appearing differently in Statues