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Release Date: 20th Oct, 2019

New Features:

  • Added new Halloween Event! Defeat the Gengar Line to obtain a Candy Basket (can be opened once per day until November 1st). There’s a chance you may find a Corrupted Gem… which can be used to obtain…
  • Added Missing No! All 5 forms. Can only be caught with a Corrupted Gem!
    • Spawns at night in: Roofed Forest, Birch Forest Hills, Birch Forest, Forest, Mutated Roofed Forest
    • Can you obtain all 5 before Halloween?
  • Added a revolutionary new feature for Special Pokemon! Servers can now load custom special textures directly from a URL. NO TEXTURE PACK NEEDED!
    • Also works for PokeParticles
    • We’re releasing a sidemod today in the Server Owners discord for this
  • Added /pokeparticle command to change Shiny Particles
  • Added 6 new Particle Effects: Pumpkin, Spell Tag, Bat, Ghost, Green Orb, Cobweb
  • Added tinting and color strobe support to all particle effects with /pokeparticle tint
  • Added overlay support for content creators to display anything they can imagine, anywhere they want. Click for example. Did we mention this also works without a resource pack needed?
  • Added support for custom capes
  • Added new Custom Icons
    • Tablet, spraycan_yellow, music_player, fertilizer_green, disc_yellow, disc_red, disc_green disc_blue, card_orange, card_boat, card_blue, candy_purple, button_up_dark, button_right_dark, button_no9_dark, button_no8_dark, button_no7_dark, button_no6_dark, button_no5_dark, button_no4_dark, button_no3_dark, button_no2_dark, button_no1_dark, button_down_dark, button_left_dark, book_2, berry_razz, berry_pinap, berry_nanab, bag_blue, beans, currybowl, sausage, toast
  • Added extraspecs to pokemon for side modders
  • Updated NU, OU, RU, Unrestricted, & UU
  • Added NBT Tag for PixelmonItems called “GlowEffect” which if set to true, gives off the enchanted look
  • Added opt-out option in config for discord rich presence
  • Added more poke sand/grass textures
  • Added escape hotkey to autoloot in drops menu
  • Added Room Service held item from Gen 8

Added NPC Skins:

HexManiac1, HexManiac2, HexManiac3, HexManiac4, Hex1, Hex2, Hex3, Hex4, LycanrocManiacF1, LycanrocManiacF2, LycanrocManiacF3, LycanrocManiacF4, LycanrocManiacM1, LycanrocManiacM2, LycanrocManiacM3, LycanrocManiacM4, Mimikyu Costume, SableyeCostume1, SableyeCostume2, SableyeCostume3, SableyeCostume4, SylveonCostume1, SylveonCostume2, SylveonCostume3, SylveonCostume4, Bugsy, Chuck, Clair, Falkner, Janine, Koga, Morty, Pryce

New UV Maps and Textures:

Furret (+ New Special), Helioptile, Inkay, Litten (+ New Special), Lyrcanroc Day

Added New Specials:

Arbok, Aromatisse, Yveltal, Cacnea, Ekans, Gligar, Gliscor, Swalot, Groudon, Gulpin, Horsea, Mareep, Toxapex, Minun, Noibat, Noivern, Plusle, Ampharos, Ampharos Mega, Flaafy, Skarmory, Sentret, Spritzee, Seadra, Kingdra, Stakataka, Litten, Furret, Mareanie, Cacturne, Heatran, Liepard, Floatzel

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Dawn/Dusk spawns
  • Fixed some cosmetic items with rainbows causing selection issues
  • Fixed character not following mouse direction in cosmetic menu
  • Fixed Timespace Altar consuming orbs
  • Fixed Supersized Pokemon appearing from Timespace Altar. Dynamaxing a little too early perhaps?
  • Fixed clicking down arrow in Shopkeeper no longer selling all items of that type
  • Fixed a PC selecting bug
  • Fixed Mega Bracelets causing render issues in cosmetic menu
  • Fixed some color correction in cosmetics, where color would sometimes be incorrect
  • Fixed an issue with discord rpc on linux
  • Fixed an exploit with NPC Traders
  • Fixed the strobe effect being too fast
  • Fixed issue with unable to reset tints
  • Fixed Rotom and alolan form importing
  • Fixed an import issue regarding the new “Texture” line
  • Fixed villagers all being scottish
  • Fixed megas sometimes crashing the game in battles
  • Fixed PokeGrass blocks to fit better with PokeSand & added extra corners for PokeSand
  • Fixed Pokemon with forms giving off no sound
  • Fixed Special Munchlax texture