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Release Date: 23rd April, 2019

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Zygarde Machine giving Power Construct incorrectly,
  • Fixed an exploit with Zygarde and Ability Capsules,
  • Fixed Bikes being too slow,
  • Fixed Bikes drowning and picking fights with Pokemon… lol,
  • Fixed Buzzwole’s parkour being too difficult,
  • Fixed Cosmetics spam in log,
  • Fixed Full Metal Body missing lang,
  • Fixed Let’s Snuggle Forever missing lang,
  • Fixed Melmetal spawning on top of the player when obtaining a full Meltan Box,
  • Fixed Meltan & Melmetal missing Dex entries,
  • Fixed Meltan and Melmetal missing PokeDex descriptions,
  • Fixed Meltan and ZygardeCell Spawn Rates being too high,
  • Fixed Meltan being too aggressive,
  • Fixed N-Solarizer and N-Lunarizer Recipes,
  • Fixed Necrozma forms being unable to use Solgalium-Z and Lunalium-Z,
  • Fixed other players being able to enter & swipe the wormhole you opened,
  • Fixed Players being able to use Meltan Boxes on player owned Meltan,
  • Fixed Searing Sunraze Smash missing lang,
  • Fixed some missing Cosmetics,
  • Fixed UB not entering your party/PC sometimes when catching, by adding a Wormhole after catching/defeating an UB instead of instantly teleporting you back,
  • Fixed Ultra Light Blue block missing lang,
  • Fixed Xurkitree, Poipole, Naganadel, Stakataka, and Melmetal not registering as a legendary,
  • Fixed Zygarde Cube Recipe,
  • Fixed Zygarde Machine Recipe,
  • Fixed Zygarde unable to get Power Construct.

Texture/Model Fixes

  • Fixed Meltan Box’s sprite size,
  • Fixed Shiny & Normal Furfrou Diamond texture,
  • Fixed Shiny & Normal Furfrou Star texture being swapped,
  • Fixed Shiny Alolan Raichu texture,
  • Fixed Shiny Cosmog texture,
  • Fixed Shiny Furfrou Debutante texture,
  • Fixed Shiny Furfrou Lareine texture,
  • Fixed Shiny Furfrou Natural texture,
  • Fixed Shiny Marshadow texture & sprite,
  • Fixed Shiny Rayquaza texture,
  • Fixed Special Donphan Texture,
  • Fixed Special Lucario texture,
  • Fixed Special Piloswine Texture,
  • Fixed Tsareena model,
  • Fixed Vullaby model,
  • Fixed Zygarde Sprites.