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Release Date: 16th February, 2019

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Selecting Pokemon in Ranch PC in search mode choosing random Pokemon,
  • Fixed Z-Crystals being allowed to be placed on the wrong Pokemon.

Battle/Move/Ability Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Anchor Shot not trapping,
  • Fixed Baneful Bunker applying poison to the wrong target,
  • Fixed Berserk working with Sheer Force,
  • Fixed Bounce not lasting 2 turns,
  • Fixed Corrosion not poisoning Steel/Poison Types,
  • Fixed Counter working with Ghost Type moves,
  • Fixed Hydreigon unable to learn Earth Power,
  • Fixed Jirachi unable to learn Play Rough,
  • Fixed Landorus unable to learn Defog,
  • Fixed Liquidation missing it’s effect,
  • Fixed Lycanroc unable to learn Taunt,
  • Fixed Mandibuzz unable to learn Foul Play,
  • Fixed Meowstic missing level and breeding moves,
  • Fixed Mirror Coat working with Dark Type moves,
  • Fixed Pokemon with forms unable to learn form-specific Tutor Moves,
  • Fixed Rotom missing Transfer Moves,
  • Fixed Terrain Moves/Abilities effect disapearing on switch outs,
  • Fixed ZenMode to work with Darmanitan forms.

Texture/Model Bug Fixes

  • Changed Special Mime, Mime Jr back to their previous Special Textures,
  • Fixed Cutiefly & Ribombee’s height,
  • Fixed Defog and Strength showing incorrect sprite,
  • Fixed Flygon’s Eye and Flying Animation,
  • Fixed Klefki hitbox,
  • Fixed Shiny Girafarig texture,
  • Fixed Special Ash-Greninja skin reverting,
  • Fixed Special Skiploom Sprite,
  • Updated Celebi Model,
  • Updated Spiritomb Model.

New Additions

  • Added ability to use Fish to change between Wishiwashi forms outside battles,
  • Added all Pokemon-Specific Z-Moves,
  • Added Alolan Grimer,
  • Added Alolan Muk,
  • Added Araquanid,
  • Added attack effects to Z-Moves,
  • Added Blacephalon,
  • Added Buzzwole,
  • Added Celesteela,
  • Added Cosmetics (accessed via “N” key),
  • Added Cutiefly,
  • Added Dewpider,
  • Added Guzzlord,
  • Added Ice Armor and Tools,
  • Added Ice Stone to ore generation (new worlds),
  • Added Kartana,
  • Added Minior,
  • Added Naganadel,
  • Added Nihilego,
  • Added Oranguru,
  • Added Oricorio,
  • Added Passimian,
  • Added Pheromosa,
  • Added Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow Nectar,
  • Added Poipole,
  • Added Power of Alchemy,
  • Added Ribombee,
  • Added secondary effects for Z-Moves,
  • Added Special Drifloon,
  • Added Special Porygon2,
  • Added Special Rampardos,
  • Added Special Vikavolt,
  • Added Special Voltorb,
  • Added Special Zeraora,
  • Added Stakataka,
  • Added Wishiwashi,
  • Added Xurkitree.