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Release Date: 23rd December, 2018

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a locale issue where /checkspawns wasn’t working for some countries
  • Fixed several recipes with new blocks
  • Fixed Park Balls sometimes breaking and dropping base and button
  • Fixed Pikachu & Aegislash spawning issues
  • Fixed the method to obtain Halloween Special Skin Starters
  • Fixed Arceus and Rotom chisels crashing your game if numbered forms are above their highest
  • Fixed an NPC battle glitch involving TimeSpace orb

Move/Ability Fixes

  • Fixed Mega’s only using Tackle
  • Fixed Aegislash not reverting to Shield form
  • Fixed Heavy Slam damage
  • Fixed Bubble Beam not working
  • Fixed Dragon Breath not working
  • Fixed Ancient Power not working
  • Fixed Fluffy ability not taking half damage from contact & 2x damage from fire moves
  • Fixed Emergency Exit & Wimp Out activating when they’re the last Pokemon
  • Fixed Triage not giving correct moves priority
  • Fixed Synchronize working on Pokemon who have immunity to it
  • Fixed Truant not resetting on switch out
  • Fixed Disguise not working when used in NPC battles
  • Fixed Tapu Surges stacking
  • Fixed Psychic Surge ending spitting out pixelmon.status.psychicterrainend

Texture/Model Fixes

  • Added Special Altaria,
  • Added Special Chatot,
  • Added Special Crobat,
  • Added Special Crustle,
  • Added Special Delibird,
  • Added Special Dwebble,
  • Added Special MimeJr,
  • Added Special Sableye,
  • Added Special Sylveon,
  • Fixed Scraggy and Scrafty animations,
  • Fixed Swoobat’s Eyes,
  • New Porygon Model,
  • Updated model & textures for:
    • Bayleef,
    • Chikorita,
    • Croconaw,
    • Cyndaquil,
    • Feraligatr,
    • Meganium,
    • Mew,
    • MewTwo,
    • Quilava,
    • Scrafty,
    • Scraggy,
    • Totodile,
    • Typhlosion.
  • Updated Special MrMime,
  • Updated Winter Sawsbuck texture.

New Features

  • Added all Transfer Only Moves into Move Tutors,
  • Added all Type-Based Z-Crystals (Bug-Water),
  • Added Type-Based Z-Moves,
  • New Healer Model,
  • New Table PC block.