Experience Pixelmon Generations at its best with a wide variety of servers to choose from that each provide new and unique gameplay that Singleplayer simply cannot reproduce.
Servers can offer a wide variety of unique features such as trading Pokemon, building homes and towns with others, complex anti-griefing mechanisms to keep your builds and Pokemon safe- yet easy to use, questing, fully custom worlds, real player gyms, Battle Towers, drop parties, giveaways, and so much more. Maximize your Minecraft & Pixelmon gameplay by joining a Pixelmon Generations server and meet new friends along the way!

Minecraft Shiny Starter Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 Pixelmon Harmony


Towny | 32 Custom Plugins | 18 Gyms | Tourneys | KeepInventory | AuctionHouse | UnlimitedHomes | Poke Raids, Quests, Hunts

12/450 online
2 Pixelmon Dawn


Alolan Themed, PokeHunts, Frequent Events, Weekly Freebies, Auction House, Unlimited Homes, Vote Shop, Keep Inventory, Battle Tree, Wondertrade, PokeQuests, Trainer Raids, Weekly Tournaments, NPC Gyms

0/300 online
3 PokeBeasts


A new Pixelmon Generations server to join in 2021! Come join the Beasts!

0/100 online
4 Pixel Ballers

4/500 online
5 Pixelmon Ultra


| Custom Starters | Events | Giveaways | Npc & Player Gyms | Legend Exchange |

1/100 online
6 PokeSkies


PokeSkies was made by a large team of players looking to have fun on Pixelmon! The servers full of gyms, pokestops, events, and more! Join now!

0/250 online
7 Bulbaland


Bulbaland is a Family Friendly Server with lots of custom content. Custom textures, NPC Gyms, Pokebuilder, Pokehunt, and much much more!

2/100 online

The Pixelmon of The Netherlands

0/0 offline
9 for friends



0/0 offline
10 pixels


A fun server with people who look out for one of eachother

0/0 offline
11 Bulbaland



2/100 online
12 Falcon Rock


This server is new but I'm hoping to make it popular for people to join battle adventure hangout and make lots of good memories because if it doesn't ill have to shut down my server because no one will join it most likely so plzzzz join and build play pixelmon generations or do whatever just respe

0/0 online
13 Pixelmon Harmony


12/450 online
14 SnowFairy


Lets have fun and Play nice

0/0 online
15 vetric_plays pixelmon server


0/0 online
16 GengarMc

Welcome to GengarMc Our server is running Pixelmon Generations. We are a small friendly community.

0/0 offline
17 Goyrd's Pixelmon Server

0/0 offline
18 LostParadiseMc


Hunt / Custom Achievements / AutoRanks / Gyms / TeamsChat / Shiny Starter and more

0/0 offline
19 MonCraft.pl


MonCraft is a Polish pixelmon server. Have you ever seen Pokémon on a skyblock? The current 2nd edition is based on that!

0/0 offline
20 Mundo Pokémon


0/0 offline
21 NocturnalMC


new server, looking for friendly players Looking for staff

0/0 offline
22 Pixelmon Umbral

Pixelmon Umbral! Come and Join us Today, and Become a Part of a New Growing Community!

0/0 offline
23 Rozin e Ruiva

0/0 offline
24 Server Hispano

Si quieres jugar pixelmon en un server de habla hispana entra.

0/0 offline
25 Wicked Survival Pixelmon

If you want to join our server, please use this IP:, As the website here will only display my IP without the port needed to join! If this site says the server is offline, it is not, my server is up 24/7! Features: 12 Gyms, Elite 4 and Champion. Pokedex Rewards, and Survival!

0/0 offline