Experience Pixelmon Generations at its best with a wide variety of servers to choose from that each provide new and unique gameplay that Singleplayer simply cannot reproduce.
Servers can offer a wide variety of unique features such as trading Pokemon, building homes and towns with others, complex anti-griefing mechanisms to keep your builds and Pokemon safe- yet easy to use, questing, fully custom worlds, real player gyms, Battle Towers, drop parties, giveaways, and so much more. Maximize your Minecraft & Pixelmon gameplay by joining a Pixelmon Generations server and meet new friends along the way!

Minecraft RolePlay Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 Falcon Rock


This server is new but I'm hoping to make it popular for people to join battle adventure hangout and make lots of good memories because if it doesn't ill have to shut down my server because no one will join it most likely so plzzzz join and build play pixelmon generations or do whatever just respe

0/0 online
2 SnowFairy


Lets have fun and Play nice

0/0 online
3 Corfu Pixelmon


Easy to Play, just downlad Client Launcher From Website: www.mikoth.net then Enjoy!

0/0 offline
4 DOMIN8 server


0/0 offline
5 Dante

0/0 offline
6 MonCraft


0/0 offline
7 MonCraft.pl


MonCraft is a Polish pixelmon server. Have you ever seen Pokémon on a skyblock? The current 2nd edition is based on that!

0/0 offline
8 Rozin e Ruiva

0/0 offline
9 Unloly

0/0 offline
10 louiser


0/0 offline