Experience Pixelmon Generations at its best with a wide variety of servers to choose from that each provide new and unique gameplay that Singleplayer simply cannot reproduce.
Servers can offer a wide variety of unique features such as trading Pokemon, building homes and towns with others, complex anti-griefing mechanisms to keep your builds and Pokemon safe- yet easy to use, questing, fully custom worlds, real player gyms, Battle Towers, drop parties, giveaways, and so much more. Maximize your Minecraft & Pixelmon gameplay by joining a Pixelmon Generations server and meet new friends along the way!

Minecraft Jobs Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 Pixel Ballers


8/100 online
2 PokeBeasts


A new Pixelmon Generations server to join in 2022! Come join the Beasts!

2/100 online
3 Bulbaland



0/100 online
4 cinderace0101


15/450 online
5 leandroegaby


0/0 online

Hardcore pixelmon server, low exp, customs town and gyms. Grass Spawner like a pokemon games. GTS. Houses. Closed Citties.

0/0 offline
7 Dante

0/0 offline
8 GhostBros


0/0 offline
9 Kreeg and Steve

For Kreeg and Steve always

0/0 offline
10 MonCraft.pl


MonCraft is a Polish pixelmon server. Have you ever seen Pokémon on a skyblock? The current 2nd edition is based on that!

0/0 offline
11 Pixelmon Umbral

Pixelmon Umbral! Come and Join us Today, and Become a Part of a New Growing Community!

0/0 offline
12 PokéCraft Resort


No shrines, Only wild spawns! PokéRadar! Boosters! Shadow textures! Constant giveaways and events to win awesome prizes!

0/0 offline
13 Unloly

0/0 offline
14 WeebGangServer

0/0 offline