Experience Pixelmon Generations at its best with a wide variety of servers to choose from that each provide new and unique gameplay that Singleplayer simply cannot reproduce.
Servers can offer a wide variety of unique features such as trading Pokemon, building homes and towns with others, complex anti-griefing mechanisms to keep your builds and Pokemon safe- yet easy to use, questing, fully custom worlds, real player gyms, Battle Towers, drop parties, giveaways, and so much more. Maximize your Minecraft & Pixelmon gameplay by joining a Pixelmon Generations server and meet new friends along the way!

Pixelmon Generation Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 Pixelmon Harmony


Towny | 32 Custom Plugins | 18 Gyms | Tourneys | KeepInventory | AuctionHouse | UnlimitedHomes | Poke Raids, Quests, Hunts

42/450 online
2 Poke Islands


Poke Islands is a highly custom Pixelmon server running the Pixelmon Generations mod! Per player legend spawning, custom quests and story, daily server events, and more!

4/90 online
3 PokeNinjas Network


17/999 online
4 PokeMayhem


A unique pixelmon story and survival experience! Unique features and plugins!

11/999 online
5 Pixelmon Ultra


| Custom Starters | Events | Giveaways | Npc & Player Gyms | Legend Exchange |

7/100 online
6 PixelBallers


PixelBallers Server IP: play.pixelballers.com Website: https://pixelballers.com Discord: https://discord.gg/4gy39ug

7/500 online
7 Pixelmon Dawn


Alolan Themed, PokeHunts, Frequent Events, Weekly Freebies, Auction House, Unlimited Homes, Vote Shop, Keep Inventory, Battle Tree, Wondertrade, PokeQuests, Trainer Raids, Weekly Tournaments, NPC Gyms

20/300 online
8 PokeUnderground


A brand new Pixelmon Generations server awaits you here with various features and a growing community!

7/500 online
9 PokeSkies


PokeSkies was made by a large team of players looking to have fun on Pixelmon! The servers full of gyms, pokestops, events, and more! Join now!

5/250 online
10 PokeBeasts


A new Pixelmon Generations server to join in 2021! Come join the Beasts!

4/100 online
11 Bulbaland


Bulbaland is a Family Friendly Server with lots of custom content. Custom textures, NPC Gyms, Pokebuilder, Pokehunt, and much much more!

1/100 online
12 Gator Craft


Hunts, Auction House, HUB, large world.

0/500 online
13 Pixelmon Umbral

Pixelmon Umbral! Come and Join us Today, and Become a Part of a New Growing Community!

0/0 offline
14 Monarch Pixelmon


Teams, Safari Zones, Free EV Training, and a friendly staff & community! Come see what we have to offer.

1/200 online
15 The Official Server Of Tank Williams


This is the community server for live streamer TankWilliams!

2/20 online
16 play.noblerealms.com


66/300 online
17 Project Pixelmon


Even If It Says Offline It Should Be Online

0/0 offline
18 PokéCraft Resort


No shrines, Only wild spawns! PokéRadar! Boosters! Shadow textures! Constant giveaways and events to win awesome prizes!

0/100 online
19 GengarMc

Welcome to GengarMc Our server is running Pixelmon Generations. We are a small friendly community.

0/0 offline

Hardcore pixelmon server, low exp, customs town and gyms. Grass Spawner like a pokemon games. GTS. Houses. Closed Citties.

0/0 offline
21 LostParadiseMc


Hunt / Custom Achievements / AutoRanks / Gyms / TeamsChat / Shiny Starter and more

0/0 online
22 Pixelmon Harmony


43/450 online
23 Goyrd's Pixelmon Server

0/0 offline
24 Pixelmon Planet


Pixelmon Planet is elegantly simple but fun.

0/0 offline
25 Wicked Survival Pixelmon

If you want to join our server, please use this IP:, As the website here will only display my IP without the port needed to join! If this site says the server is offline, it is not, my server is up 24/7! Features: 12 Gyms, Elite 4 and Champion. Pokedex Rewards, and Survival!

0/0 offline