Pixelmon Generations v2.3.1 is here!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Cosmog, Cosmoem, Lunala, Marshadow, Phione, Silvally, Solgaleo, TypeNull spawning too frequently
  • Fixed BetterSpawner preventing spawns on Cobble(mossy included) and Sandstone blocks
  • Fixed Pokemon not spawning under Glass with BetterSpawner
  • Fixed Primals displaying as “Mega Evolving”
  • Fixed Aegislash only spawning in an invisible state
  • Fixed Stance Change not calling before move power is calculated
  • Fixed Aegislash Blade form base stats
  • Fixed Special Aegislash reverting to non-special after battle
  • Fixed Pikachu spawning in all forms
  • Fixed Unown only spawning in form A
  • Fixed Pokemon not learning form specific moves (ie Alolan Vulpix could learn fire types)
  • Fixed Shaymin & Hoopa reverting to the default forms when sent out
  • Fixed an exploit allowing NPC Pokemon to be caught

Move/Ability Fixes

  • Added Merciless
  • Added Galvanize
  • Fixed Liquid Voice, Judgment, and MultiAttack causing move types to change permanently
  • Fixed Heavy Slam Debug


  • Added Special Beautifly
  • Added Special Jirachi
  • Added Special Lucario
  • Added Special Riolu
  • Added Special Darkrai
  • Added Special Phantump
  • Added Special Trevenant
  • Added Special Articuno
  • Added Special Zapdos
  • Added Special Moltres
  • Added Special Bellossom
  • Added Special Boldore
  • Added Special Gigalith
  • Added Special Roggenrola
  • Added Special Hoppip
  • Added Special Skiploom
  • Added Special Wobbuffet
  • Added Special Wynaut
  • Added Special Umbreon
  • Added Special Snorlax
  • Added Special Electrode
  • Added Special Growlithe
  • Updated Special Leafeon
  • Updated Aegislash
  • Updated Covered Jaw Fossil
  • Updated Covered Sail Fossil
  • Fixed Venomoth eyes
  • Fixed Incineroar’s belt
  • Fixed Shiny Dark Silvally broken texture

New Items

  • balm_mushroom, big_mushroom, big_nugget, big_pearl, blue_shard, comet_shard, green_shard, nugget, pearl, pearl_string, red_shard, star_piece, tiny_mushroom, yellow_shard, dreamball, icestone, icestoneshard

New Blocks

  • bluepicketfence, castleblock, castleblockcracked, castlebrick, castlebrick2, castlefloor, castlegrey, castlegrey2, castlepillar, castlewall, castlewall2, castlewall3, castlewall4, castlewhite, castlewhite2, icebrick, iceplillarside, icepillartop, icestoneore, whitepillar

New Pokemon Sounds

  • Abomasnow, Altaria, Ambipom, Arceus, Azelf, Baltoy, Barboach, Beldum, Bibarel, Bidoof, Breloom, Bronzor, Buneary, Burmy, Cancea, Cacturne, Camerupt, Cascoon, Castform, Chatot, Cherubi, Clamperl, Combee, Cradily, Crawdaunt, Delcatty, Electrike, Feebas, Froslass, Gallade, Gastrodon, Gorebyass, Groudon, Grumpig, Gulpin, Happiny, HootHoot, Honchkrow, Huntail, Illumise, Kecleon, Kingdra, Kirlia, Kyogre, Lairon, Lanturn, Lickilicky, Lileep, Lopunny, Luvdisc, Luxio, Luxray, Makuhita, Manetric, Masquerain, Mawile, Medicham, Meditite, Mesprit, Metang, Minccino, Misdreavus, Mismagius, Nidoqueen, Noctowl, Numel, Nuzleaf, Phione, Poochyena, Ralts, Rapidash, Remoraid, Roselia, Rotom, Salamence, Sealeo, Shroomish, Shuckle, Silcoon, Skiploom, Skitty, Slakoth, Slugma, Smeargle, Sneasel, Snorunt, Snover, Snubble, Solrock, Spinarak, Spinda, Spiritomb, Spoink, Surskit, Stantler, Steelix, Sunflora, Swablu, Swalot, Swampert, Swello, Tailow, Tyrogue, Unown, Uxie, Vespiquen, Vigoroth, Volbeat, Wailmer, Wingull, Wurmple, Wynaut, Zangoose, Zigzagoon

Fixed Pokemon Sounds

  • Aipom, Azumarill, Azurill, Beautifly, Buizel, Corsola, Dunsparce, Girafarig, Igglybuff, Lapras, Larvitar, Ledian, Marshtomp, Mightyena, Minum, Ponyta, Purrloin, Sentret, Shroomish, Slowking, Smoochum, Snorlax, Spheal, Sunkern, Togetic