Pixelmon Generations v2.1.0 is here!

New Features:

  • Move Descriptions have been added to the Battle GUI – Less Googling!
  • Move Categories have been added to the Battle GUI
  • Weather Icons have been added to the Battle GUI
  • Chatting NPC’s now have configuarable textures and models – Finally…
  • Shopkeepers now have item descriptions – Whoa!
  • Colorized gender symbols
  • Added PC Searching – No more tirelessly browsing pages
  • Added a Go-To-PC-Box function
  • Added Dusk Lycanroc
  • Added Pyukumuku
  • Added Cosplay Pikachu’s (Read below)
  • Added some recipes back (Read below)
  • New blocks (Read below)
  • New mounts (Read below)

Cosplay Pikachu:

  • Added Cool Pikachu (Rock Star) with exclusive move Meteor Mash
  • Added Beautiful Pikachu (Belle) with exclusive move Icicle Crash
  • Added Cute Pikachu (Pop Star) with exclusive move Draining Kiss
  • Added Clever Pikachu (Ph. D) with exclusive move Electric Terrain
  • Added Tough Pikachu (Libre) with exclusive move Flying Press
  • Cosplay Pikachu’s can be obtained by crafting their cosplay clothing and dressing them up
  • A Cosplay Pikachu will learn the exclusive move upon switching


  • Added Genesect Drive Recipes
  • Added DNA Splicer Recipe
  • Added Burn Heal, Ice Heal, Paralyze Heal, Full Heal, Awakening, and Antidote Recipes
  • Added Rare Candy Recipe
  • Added all Gem Recipes
  • Added all Arceus Plate Recipes
  • Added Destiny Knot Recipe
  • Added Ever Stone Recipe

New Blocks:

  • New Umbrellas: Orange, Purple, and Pink
  • New Cushion Chairs: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, and Pink
  • New Rugs: Orange, Purple, and Pink
  • New Clocks: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Purple
  • New Fossil Displays: Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, and Blue

Battle Rules:

  • Updated Never-Used to Gen 7
  • Updated Over-Used to Gen 7
  • Updated Rarely-Used to Gen 7
  • Updated Under-Used to Gen 7
  • Updated Unrestricted to Gen 7

Berry Changes:

  • The following Berries have been updated to Gen 7 Mechanics:
    • Figy Berry
    • Wiki Berry
    • Mago Berry
    • Aguav Berry
    • Iapapa Berry
  • They now restore 50% HP when HP drops to 25% or below

New Mounts:

  • Ride: Rhyhorn, Beartic, Pangoro, Solgaleo, Bidoof, Mudbray
  • Swim: Sharpedo
  • Fly: Lunala, TapuKoko, Dialga, Palkia

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an exploit with PayDay and battles not ending properly
  • Fixed an exploit with Destiny Bond allowing players to catch NPC Pokemon
  • Fixed Pokemon with Mega Evolutions appearing as “Null” in the Import/Export screen
  • Fixed Weather Trio forms not changing with PokeEditor Wand
  • Fixed Mummy ability displaying as “ability.mummy.name”
  • Fixed Mummy not spreading
  • Fixed Photon Geyser move displaying as “attack.photon geyser.name”
  • Fixed middle clicking Hidden Cubes causing a crash
  • Fixed Beast Ball missing a party sprite
  • Fixed a crash loop occuring for some players with sprite aspect ratio’s
  • Creation Trio spawns have been disabled, now only obtainable via Timespace Altar
  • Fixed Pokemon Evolutions with multiple trees being broken (Eevee, Cosmoem, etc)
  • Fixed Pokemon with forms losing health when thrown out of their ball
  • Fixed Mega Rayquaza spinning out of control
  • Fixed /pokegiveegg with PixelExtras
  • Fixed Zygarde spawning everywhere
  • Fixed Poliwag line sizing issues
  • Fixed Hakamo-o, Kommo-o, Jangmo-o having missing spawn rates
  • Fixed Ho-Oh having missing spawn rates
  • Fixed Judgment not binding to the correct plates
  • Fixed Happiny evolving at night
  • Fixed Freeze Shock being Special type
  • Fixed 50 Hitboxes
  • Fixed Mega Gengar texture
  • Fixed Mega Pinsir texture
  • Fixed Special Mewtwo texture
  • Fixed Special Flareon texture
  • Fixed Special Espeon texture
  • Fixed Special Glaceon texture
  • Fixed Special Leafeon texture
  • Fixed Special Gardevoir texture
  • Fixed Special Togedemaru
  • Fixed Special Tangrowth
  • Fixed Aegislash Shield texture
  • Fixed Shiny Bellsprout texture