Welcome to Pixelmon Generations 2.0 on Minecraft 1.12.2!

Pixelmon Generations has come a long way since it’s Pixelmon Dark days. Over the past 6 months, we have easily become a staple in the Pixelmon community while achieving download/mod pack runs we didn’t plan, nor did we think possible.

With well over 2.5 million downloads + mod pack runs since the beginning of Pixelmon Dark’s days, it’s now time to “get with the times” and bring you an even better experience with the 1.12.2 update

Over the months you’ve seen Pixelmon Generations merge both Pixelmon Dark and Pixelmon Reborn into one, to bring the best possible mod possible to the players. In the most recent days, we elected to stop re-inventing the wheel with some of the other continuations in Pixelmon Reforged and Pixelmon Thai to name a few of the best. In doing so, we will be bringing the best of all three into one mod. We’ve now implemented all continuations into one as a base to build from. Same amazing features and game play that you’ve seen in other continuations, will be home to Pixelmon Generations. We will also continue to pave the way with some of our own unique ideas and implementations along with Gen 7 Pokes. You can expect to see exclusive variant forms, new cosmetics, new features, and much more to come over the next few updates.

We are currently in the process of creating a new website and Wiki to make all information much more easy to find. We will also post all updated and functional side-mods.

2.0.0 brings many new things from new Pokes, new forms, Mega Evolution out of battle, the smallest mod jar we’ve had yet, ability to run on 1GB of RAM, tons of new abilities and moves. While we look to update everything to Gen 7 mechanics, you’ll notice over the next few (more timely) updates, we’ll be implementing more abilities and fixes as much as possible.

With this release our official partners and server owners have given us over $2500+ in prizes to giveaway, so we’ve started a 15 day series of Twitter contests to look out for. For more information or to qualify for these contests, just follow us https://twitter.com/pixlgenerations

~ Thank you all from the Pixelmon Generations team

Updated to Minecraft version 1.12.2

New Pokemon:
Aegislash Alternate Form
Alolan Meowth
Alolan Persian
Alolan Sandshrew
Alolan Sandslash
Bagon (Remodeled)
Basculin Blue Form
Darmanitan Zen Form
Jigglypuff (Remodeled)
Magearna (Special version)
Magmar (Remodeled)
Meowth (Ninja version)
Persian (Ninja version)
Shellder (Remodeled)
Sneasel (Special)
Weavile (Special)
Wigglytuff (Remodeled)

Move Additions
Every single Pokemon has had their movepools updated to Gen 7 sets

Added Baneful Bunker
Added Beak Bast
Added Burn Up
Added Fire lash
Added Ice Hammer
Added Laser Focus
Added Plasma Fists
Added Power Trip
Added Prismatic Laser
Added Solar Blade
Added Speed Swap
Added Stomping Tantrum
Added Trop Kick
Added TM Leech Life
Added TM Brutal Swing
Added TM Smart Strike
Added TM Aurora Veil
Added TM Fly
Added TM Surf
Added TM Waterfall

Abilities Added
Added Disguise (we heard your cries- here it is!)
Added Comatose
Added Electric Surge
Added Grassy Surge
Added Misty Surge
Added Liquid Voice
Added Soul Heart
Added Stakeout
Added Tangling Hair

New PokeDolls:

Fixed Mega Evolution Stats & Abilities to update on the turn of activation instead of next turn
Pokemon on fire will now be extinguished when put into a ball (poor fellas… they kept burnin’)
Fixed Pokemon that were supposed to evolve at a certain time not evolving at all(below)
Fixed Tyrunt, Amaura, Fomantis, Rockruff, and Yungoos not evolving
Fixed egg step progress randomly stopping
Fixed a crash when putting Kyurem in Trade Machine
Fixed Reshiram/Zekrom sometimes being deleted after defusing Kyurem
Flabebe line was missing evolution settings
Fixed Gogoat spawning at too high of a level
Fixed Vivillon spawning at too high of a level
Fixed Florges spawning at too high of a level
Fixed Mega Steelix being too big to spawn
Fixed Decidueye double wings
Revamped most legendary spawn biomes
Phione spawning has been disabled, now only obtainable through breeding
EVs are now capped at 252 to prevent wasted EVs

Ability Fixes
Fixed Sand Stream- wasn’t giving double speed in sand
Fixed Sap Sipper- wasn’t negating Solar Beam when it lasted 1 turn due to sunlight
Fixed Slush Rush- wasn’t giving double speed in hail
Fixed Forewarn- now doesn’t display a move if the foe has no attacking moves
Fixed Pressure- when using Protect, the opponent loses 2 PP now
Fixed Lycanroc Midnight Form- had the wrong ability
Fixed Truant- Can’t remember what was wrong with this… (but it works!)
Fixed Gengar obtaining Shadow Tag
Fixed legendaries spawning with their HA too frequently (sorry but we had to!)
Fixed HA Pokemon that had forms would lose their HA if reverted to original forms (ie Giratina, force of nature trio’s)
Fixed Pokemon obtained prior to the 1.4 update with Gen 7 ability changes not receiving updated abilities
Fixed held items swapping abilities of Pokemon with forms
Fixed Pokemon Mega Evolving often times resulted in their abilities changing
Fixed incorrect abilities displaying in PokeEditor Wand for Pokemon with form changes

Move Fixes
Fixed Multi-Hit moves losing too many PP vs a Pressured target
Fixed Dig breaking bedrock
Fixed terrains not working properly
Fixed Brutal Swing- did not have an effect
Fixed Clanging Scales- did not have an effect
Fixed Darkest Lariat- did not have an effect
Fixed Fleur Cannon- did not have an effect
Fixed Sparkling Aria- did not have an effect
Fixed Zing Zap- did not have an effect
Fixed Substitute- substitute wasn’t fading away
Fixed Sheer Cold- now fails against Ice Types
Fixed Ally Switch- priority was increased to +2
Fixed Misty Terrain- now blocks confusion
Fixed Follow Me- 2 turn moves can no longer bypass Follow Me in double battles
Fixed Destiny Bond- now has an increased chance to fail if used successfully (Gen 7 mechanic)

Item Fixes
Fixed held items sometimes vanishing off Pokemon when placed in PC
Fixed PokeDolls causing crazy FPS issues
Fixed Life Orb- was dealing recoil for every pokemon hit with AOE
Fixed Ability Capsules not working on Pokemon that have Mega Evolved
Fixed Giratina issuing a chat message saying “changed form” every time a held item was placed
Fixed Strength and Defog having wrong HM icons
Fixed Pokemon Editor sometimes not initializing and causing a crash
Item effects have been updated to Gen 7 Mechanics (below)
Soul Dew now boosts Psychic & Dragon type moves used by Latias & Latios
Super Potion now heals 60HP instead of 50HP
Hyper Potion now heals 120 HP instead of 200HP
Fresh Water now heals 30HP instead of 50HP
Soda Pop now heals 50HP instead of 60HP
Lemonade now heals 70HP instead of 80HP

Status Fixes
Status conditions have been updated to Gen 7 Mechanics (below)
Paralysis now reduces speed to 50% instead of 25%
Burn now reduces HP by 1/16 per turn instead of 1/8
Confusion now activates 33% of the time instead of 50%
Sleep & Freeze now increase catch rate by 250% instead of 200%

Technical Stuff
Reduced Jar Size 250MB
500 new sprites for correct sizes
Massively improved FPS and performance. You can now play smoothly with just 1GB of RAM.

New Potion Effects:
Luck: Multiplies the shiny rate of pokemon spawned around you by 1.025 when applied
Attract: Multiplies the spawn chance of pokemon spawning around you by 1.05 when applied
Repel: Pokemon don’t battle you when applied
These effects can be applied via /effect
We may have potion items for these in the future- let us know what ideas you have on our forum

New External Moves
Wish (Jirachi exclusive external move): Consumes a diamond/emerald to give you 15 minutes of either Luck or Attract
Healing Wish: Heals all pokemon in your party

Custom NPC skins
Giving your trainers some new looks. To change your trainers to any of the below skins, just select the custom resource pack option and enter any of the names below: