Welcome to Pixelmon Generations.

Pixelmon Generations is a Minecraft Mod for Pokemon with every Pokemon from every Gen, including ALL from Gen 8 (Sword & Shield).
Pixelmon Generations is a community-ran mod with help from huge and small servers, delivering content from suggestions you, the players, want.
This mod can be played in Singleplayer, LAN, or Multiplayer to meet new friends.

Click the downloads tab to get started!
Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you get stuck, click our support tab for one-on-one help.

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Pixelmon Generations 2.9.1 Release

Pixelmon Generations v2.9.1 is here!

New Features

  • Added Wooloo (rideable)
  • Added Dubwool (rideable)
  • Added Star in PokeDex info for Shiny Pokemon
  • Added Recipe for PokeDex item (6 Iron Ingots on left & right vertically, 2 Redstone on top & bottom middle, and a light blue stained glass in center)
  • Added PlayerPokemonSpawnEvent, BattleExperienceEvent, PlayerShinyChanceEvent, PlayerEggStepsEvent, PlayerRetrievePokemonEvent, and PlayerEggHatchEvent
  • Added shiny preview to pokedex
  • Added PlayerRetrievePokemonEvent and PlayerEggHatchEvent
  • Added ribbon custom icon textures


  • Fixed Shiny Inteleon
  • Fixed Costume Pikachu’s sizing being too small
  • Updated Crustle & Dwebble Special
  • Remodeled:
    • Cottonee, Crustle, Cryogonal, Dwebble, Emolga, Galvantula, Golett, Golurk, Joltik, Klang, Klink, Klinklang, Larvesta, Leavanny, Litwick, Pawniard, Scolipede, Sewaddle, Sigilyph, Swadloon, Venipede, Volcarona, Whimsicott, Whirlipede

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an IndexOutOfRange error with shopkeepers
  • Fixed a crash with Schooling
  • Fixed Mega Bosses spawning with no movesets
  • Fixed Arceus unable to learn Shadow Force
  • Fixed Zygarde 10% form missing movesets
  • Fixed some console spam with container errors
  • Fixed Water Shuriken stacking damage
  • Fixed mega abilities on logout
  • Fixed Costume Pikachu’s not changing on interaction with costume items
  • Fixed Pixilate, Aerilate, Galvanize, & Refrigerate changing non-Normal type moves
  • Fixed Shiny Charm when under T1 Catch Combo
  • Fixed Grassy Terrain lasting forever

Pixelmon Generations 2.9.0 Release

Pixelmon Generations v2.9.0 is here!

New Features

  • Added Grookey
  • Added Thwackey
  • Added Rillaboom
  • Added Scorbunny
  • Added Raboot
  • Added Cinderace
  • Added Sobble
  • Added Drizzile
  • Added Inteleon
  • Added Libero Ability
  • Added Sniper Ability
  • Added Pyro Ball move
  • Added Court Change move
  • Added Branch Poke move
  • Added Snipe Shot move
  • Added Breaking Swipe move
  • Added Drum Beating move
  • Added new PokeDex background
  • Added search System to PokeDex
  • Added Mega Rayquaza’s Delta Stream
  • Added EXP Candy XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Added external json support to modify Breeding Blocks
  • Added living sound on open of a Pokemon in PokeDex
  • Added generation number to info in PokeDex
  • Added page number and dex range for pages in PokeDex
  • Added full WASD/Arrow Key support for both menus in PokeDex


  • Remodeled + New Textures for:
    • Eevee, Espeon, Flareon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Sylveon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Necrozma, Azumarill, Azurill, Marill, Chingling, Drampa, Incineroar, Popplio, Sableye
  • Added Specials for:
    • Aipom, Azurill, Azumarill, Baltoy, Bibarel, Brionne, Cherim Sunshine & Overcast, Cherubi, Chingling, Cinncino, Drampa, Marill, Mincinno, Popplio, Seviper, Shedinja
  • Remodeled Fossils for:
    • Armor, Claw, Cover, Dome, Helix, Jaw, Old Amber, Plume, Root, Sail, Skull
  • Fixed Popplio Doll
  • Fixed Chikorita T-Pose
  • Fixed Heliolisk model
  • Fixed Floor Cushion sizing
  • Fixed Masterball Cushion sprite using Greatball’s
  • Resized all the new blocks from 2.8.3 to help reduce load on old PC’s

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Mega Stats on first turn
  • Fixed Mega’s using moves AS it evolves
  • Fixed Ash Greninja not getting any boosts
  • Fixed Ash Greninja’s stats not applying
  • Fixed Ash Greninja using normal Greninja’s model after switch
  • Fixed Aegislash, Minior, & Darmanitan not receiving stat changes on form change
  • Fixed cases where Minior or Zygarde wouldn’t change forms if their health was EXACTLY 50%
  • Fixed Z-Moves not bypassing Protect
  • Fixed Fake Out freezing battles
  • Fixed several Pokemon with forms losing HP when thrown out of ball on servers
  • Fixed Follow Me & Spotlight targeting wrong
  • Fixed Thousand Arrows & Smackdown permanently grounding
  • Fixed Thousand Arrows not doing neutral damage
  • Fixed Power Construct’s HP visuals
  • Fixed Zygarde with Power Construct reverting to a random form at end of battle
  • Fixed Double Battles leaving defenseless fainted pokemon on the field
  • Fixed NPC Double Battles being incredibly dense & switching their live Pokemon before the fainted
  • Fixed Wishiwashi’s Schooling activation message triggering below 25% health
  • Fixed Wishiwashi’s Schooling not stating when Schooling has stopped
  • Fixed Zygarde unable to learn Core moves from Tutor
  • Fixed a held item duping bug with Pokemon with forms
  • Fixed Ditto transforming into an untextured version
  • Fixed Ditto being stuck in Struggle after using Transform with a Choice item
  • Fixed Pokemon with forms spawning with incorrect movesets
  • Fixed Aerilate, Galvanize, Normalize, Pixilate, Refrigerate doing too much damage (was 30%, now 20%)
  • Fixed a syncing issue with Fury Attack & other moves sometimes turning into Fairy Type, even if the user has no Pixilate pokemon, by adding extra checks
  • Fixed Villager SpawnEggs not working with NPC Editors
  • Fixed PokeDex hitting escape on the first pokemons info on a page returning to the previous previous page
  • Fixed PokeDex clipping issues with Electrode & Dhelmise
  • Fixed PokeDex text scaling issues for descriptions, names, etc.
  • Fixed PokeDex time of day using all uppercase
  • Fixed Jellicent & Frillish non specified scale
  • Fixed equal priority moves bypassing Psychic Terrain
  • Fixed non-grounded Pokemon getting healed by Grassy Terrain
  • Fixed Psychic Terrain protection not outputting a message that the user was protected
  • Fixed Misty Terrain allowing confusion, also non-grounded can still be confused
  • Fixed Misty Terrain allowing sleep, also prevents yawning Pokemon from falling asleep during Misty Terrain
  • Fixed grounded & nongrounded effects in Misty & Electric Terrain w/ Magnet Rise, Telekinesis, & Gravity
  • Fixed Electric Terrain allowing sleep, also prevents yawning Pokemon from falling asleep during Misty Terrain
  • Fixed Air Balloon conditions in Misty Terrain & Electric Terrain
  • Fixed grounded & nongrounded effects in Psychic Terrain
  • Fixed Prankster being able to use priority moves vs Dark type Pokemon

Pixelmon Generations 2.8.3 Release

Pixelmon Generations v2.8.3 is here!

New Features

  • Added Shiny Chaining
  • Added Shiny Charms
  • Added new PokeDex
  • Added Spawn Info into PokeDex info
  • Added Nature update type
  • Added new PokeDex type icons
  • Added optional PokeDex item
  • Added support for custom texture override with new URL function
  • Added Radius option to /PokeKill <radius>
  • Added Radius option to /PokeRetreive <radius>
  • Added New Flat Screen TV Block
  • Added New Snorlax Bean Bag Chair
  • Added New Models & Variants for End Table with all wood types
  • Added 4 Floor Cushion Blocks
  • Added Nintendo Switch Block
  • Added New Vending Machine Models & Textures
  • Added New Umbrella Models & Textures
  • Added New Rug Model & Textures
  • Added Rowlet PokeDoll
  • Added Popplio PokeDoll
  • Added Litten PokeDoll
  • Added Poliwhirl PokeDoll
  • Added Zeraora PokeDoll
  • Added Cresselia PokeDoll
  • Added Special Snover
  • Added Special Abomasnow
  • Added Special Cresselia
  • New Textures & UV Map for:
    • Eevee, Espeon, Flareon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Sylveon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Ferrothorn

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed custom texture support via URL
  • Fixed a bug with surface packet not closing
  • Fixed Mind Blown not taking 50% of the users HP
  • Fixed Photon Geyser not ignoring abilities
  • Fixed Golem unable to learn Dig
  • Fixed form checks on Lugia
  • Fixed Ho-Oh able to learn Zap Cannon TM
  • Fixed MissingNo spawning from Ditto Eggs
  • Fixed Dyed PC’s & Trade Machines not dropping their dyed form/dye
  • Fixed 7 incorrect sprite sizes
  • Fixed Villager SpawnEggs not working with NPC Editor
  • Fixed Ultra Space riding pokemon into portal crash (needs tested on server & singleplayer)
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Color Change
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Emergency Exit / Wimp Out
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Eject Button
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Life Orb
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Red Card
  • Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Shell Bell
  • Fixed Toxic not being bounced back by Magic Coat if the target used Substitute
  • Fixed missing sounds for Carnivine, Minccino, Munna, & Yamask
  • Removed MissingNo spawn
  • Fixed Aegislash Stance Change not working with King’s Shield & various other bugs with Stance Change
  • Fixed Assist using moves it’s not supposed to (Baneful Bunker, Phantom Force, Mirror Move, Spotlight)
  • Removed numerous unused model classes, fixes the likes of Scizor & others appearing differently in Statues

PIxelmon Generations 2.8.2 Release

Pixelmon Generations v2.8.2 is here!

  • Fixed Discord Rich Presence opt out
  • Fixed Trade Machine not working
  • Fixed Shinies prior to 2.8.1 losing their particles
  • Fixed Corrupt Gem being usable on non-wild MissingNo
  • Fixed the new image downloader to restrict to only PNG files for added safety measures
  • Removed the 2nd Shopkeeper button on purchase. You can now purchase in bulk with the left & right arrow keys. Left is -10, Right is +10

Pixelmon Generations 2.8.1 Release

Pixelmon Generations v2.8.1 is here! It’s a spooky one!

New Features

  • Added new Halloween Event! Defeat the Gengar Line to obtain a Candy Basket (can be opened once per day until November 1st). There’s a chance you may find a Corrupted Gem… which can be used to obtain…
  • Added Missing No! All 5 forms. Can only be caught with a Corrupted Gem!
    • Spawns at night in: Roofed Forest, Birch Forest Hills, Birch Forest, Forest, Mutated Roofed Forest
    • Can you obtain all 5 before Halloween?
  • Added a revolutionary new feature for Special Pokemon! Servers can now load custom special textures directly from a URL. NO TEXTURE PACK NEEDED!
    • Also works for PokeParticles
    • We’re releasing a sidemod today in the Server Owners discord for this
  • Added /pokeparticle command to change Shiny Particles
  • Added 6 new Particle Effects: Pumpkin, Spell Tag, Bat, Ghost, Green Orb, Cobweb
  • Added tinting and color strobe support to all particle effects with /pokeparticle tint
  • Added overlay support for content creators to display anything they can imagine, anywhere they want. Click for example. Did we mention this also works without a resource pack needed?
  • Added support for custom capes
  • Added new Custom Icons
    • Tablet, spraycan_yellow, music_player, fertilizer_green, disc_yellow, disc_red, disc_green disc_blue, card_orange, card_boat, card_blue, candy_purple, button_up_dark, button_right_dark, button_no9_dark, button_no8_dark, button_no7_dark, button_no6_dark, button_no5_dark, button_no4_dark, button_no3_dark, button_no2_dark, button_no1_dark, button_down_dark, button_left_dark, book_2, berry_razz, berry_pinap, berry_nanab, bag_blue, beans, currybowl, sausage, toast
  • Added extraspecs to pokemon for side modders
  • Updated NU, OU, RU, Unrestricted, & UU
  • Added NBT Tag for PixelmonItems called “GlowEffect” which if set to true, gives off the enchanted look
  • Added opt-out option in config for discord rich presence
  • Added more poke sand/grass textures
  • Added escape hotkey to autoloot in drops menu
  • Added Room Service held item from Gen 8
  • Added NPC Skins HexManiac1, HexManiac2, HexManiac3, HexManiac4
  • Added NPC Skins Hex1, Hex2, Hex3, Hex4
  • Added NPC Skins LycanrocManiacF1, LycanrocManiacF2, LycanrocManiacF3, LycanrocManiacF4
  • Added NPC Skins LycanrocManiacM1, LycanrocManiacM2, LycanrocManiacM3, LycanrocManiacM4
  • Added NPC Skins Mimikyu Costume
  • Added NPC Skins SableyeCostume1, SableyeCostume2, SableyeCostume3, SableyeCostume4
  • Added NPC Skins SylveonCostume1, SylveonCostume2, SylveonCostume3, SylveonCostume4
  • Added NPC Skins for Bugsy, Chuck, Clair, Falkner, Janine, Koga, Morty, Pryce
  • New UV Map & Textures for Furret (+ New Special)
  • New UV Map & Textures for Helioptile
  • New UV Map & Textures for Inkay
  • New UV Map & Textures for Litten (+ New Special)
  • New UV Map & Textures for Lyrcanroc Day
  • Added new specials for:
    • Arbok, Aromatisse, Yveltal, Cacnea, Ekans, Gligar, Gliscor, Swalot, Groudon, Gulpin, Horsea, Mareep, Toxapex, Minun, Noibat, Noivern, Plusle, Ampharos, Ampharos Mega, Flaafy, Skarmory, Sentret, Spritzee, Seadra, Kingdra, Stakataka, Litten, Furret, Mareanie, Cacturne, Heatran, Liepard, Floatzel

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Dawn/Dusk spawns
  • Fixed some cosmetic items with rainbows causing selection issues
  • Fixed character not following mouse direction in cosmetic menu
  • Fixed Timespace Altar consuming orbs
  • Fixed Supersized Pokemon appearing from Timespace Altar. Dynamaxing a little too early perhaps?
  • Fixed clicking down arrow in Shopkeeper no longer selling all items of that type
  • Fixed a PC selecting bug
  • Fixed Mega Bracelets causing render issues in cosmetic menu
  • Fixed some color correction in cosmetics, where color would sometimes be incorrect
  • Fixed an issue with discord rpc on linux
  • Fixed an exploit with NPC Traders
  • Fixed the strobe effect being too fast
  • Fixed issue with unable to reset tints
  • Fixed Rotom and alolan form importing
  • Fixed an import issue regarding the new “Texture” line
  • Fixed villagers all being scottish
  • Fixed megas sometimes crashing the game in battles
  • Fixed PokeGrass blocks to fit better with PokeSand & added extra corners for PokeSand
  • Fixed Pokemon with forms giving off no sound
  • Fixed Special Munchlax texture