Pixelmon Generations FAQ’s

I’ve found a bug… How do I report it?

Great! Please report the bug to the Bug Tracker: https://pixelmongenerations.com/support/ We can’t fix bugs we don’t know about, please report any you find.

I have a suggestion. Where can my voice be heard?

We listen to your suggestions! If you have a great idea, please post it on our Discord or give us a shout on the support page.


Can I run my own Pixelmon Generations server?

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Of course you can! Download the modpack and extract the Pixelmon Generations Jar. You can use this Jar to run your server. Please advertise the Official Modpack to your players. You can advertise your server here: https://pixelmongenerations.com/servers Need some help with your server? If it’s released, join our Owner’s Discord: https://discord.gg/Xw4bqnK.

Thanks to our Partner, Bisect Hosting, you can do just that! Head on over to Bisect Hosting and you can even get yourself a nice 25% off your first month by using the code “Generations”! Make sure to join our Pixelmon Generations Servers Owner Discord to stay in-the-know on updates and quick support.

Can I post my server on the server listing page?

Absolutely! Everybody with a Generations server is encouraged to post their server. We offer all premium features for free such as animated banners and statistics that other server lists often charge money for.

How can I get my server featured on the server listing page?

Every server will eventually be featured. We do not charge anything. We’ll select 3 random servers every month to become a featured listing.

How can my server be in the modpack?

Apply to become part of the team and actively help us out with various tasks such as maintaining the wiki or beta testing and we’ll add your server to the modpack.

My modpack won’t install, how do I fix it?

Delete the modpack from your Technic Launcher. Wait about a full minute for it to fully delete, and then restart your computer. Then re-install the modpack and you should be good to go! If you have any futher issues, kindly create a support ticket.