Ever dreamed of creating your own server but didn’t have the funds to do so?

Ever had that awesome server logo idea but just couldn’t get it done?

Want to set up a server but have no idea how to get started without help from the pros?

Well here’s your opportunity to win all of the above!

Pixelmon Generations is now hosting the “Generations Build Contest!” which will have builders and build teams of all sizes competing for a chance to win it all! The winner of this contest will win each of the following:

One free logo from Graphic Artist DebonairMedia

One 8gb Dedicated Server hosted for two months free by ServerMiner

A complete start to finish walk through for setting up your server from some of the best Pixelmon Generations Official Server Owners

So how do you qualify?

1 – Follow us on Twitter or Instagram

2 – Build something that is Pixelmon Generations related/themed

3 – Post 4 photos of your build/builds on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #GenerationsContest

4 – Tag us in your post

In two weeks we will choose our 5 favorite builds submitted and place the schematics (provided by the selected entrants) into a Minecraft server for everyone to see and ultimately vote upon!

Good luck to all and have a great summer from the Pixelmon Generations team


Credit to LuxStudios for the build image