Pixelmon Generations 2.2.1 Release

Pixelmon Generations 2.2.1 is here!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Geodude being 1 block under ground
  • Fixed Cubone not evolving into Alolan Marowak
  • Fixed Hammer recipes missing
  • Fixed Helmet recipes missing
  • Fixed Orange Umbrella & Rug recipe missing
  • Fixed Fire Stone recipe missing
  • Fixed Fossil Display recipes
  • Fixed First Impression
  • Fixed Alolan Marowak missing level, tutor, and tm moves
  • Fixed Greninja being able to get Battle Bond via Ability Capsule
  • Fixed log spam with some Form-Based Pokemon
  • Fixed Jirachi spawn rate
  • Disabled Mega Ray from spawning (doesn’t have a mega stone to drop anymore)

Model Fixes:

  • Fixed Dhelmise animation, & hitbox
  • Fixed Mega Kangaskhan’s arms
  • Remodels:
    • Sandile, Kangaskhan, Krokorok, Krookodile, Snorlax, Oddish
  • Removed old model and duplicate files for:
    • Aggron, Ampharos, Bagon, Bisharp, Electivire, Gligar, Gliscor, Gloom, Lapras, Lunatone, Luxray, Pikachu, Poliwrath, Psyduck, Raichu, Sableye, Salamence, Scizor, Sharpedo, Solrock, Wigglytuff, Diglett, Dugtrio, Garchomp, Kabutops, Trubbish

New Special Textures:

  • Added Ice Cream Vanillite
  • Added Ice Cream Vanillish
  • Added Ice Cream Vanilluxe
  • Added Strawberry Bounsweet

Pixelmon Generations 2.2.0 Release

Pixelmon Generations 2.2.0 is here!

New Feature Highlights:

  • Added Held Item Recipes
  • Added Orb Recipes
  • Added Incense Recipes
  • Added Aether, Flare, and Skull armor
  • Added Orange League Gym Badges
  • Added Alolan Breeding
  • Added 48 more colored variants of Pixelmon Blocks
  • Added 26 more PokeDolls
  • Added 23 more special skins
  • Added 16 more mounts
  • Added 4 new Pokemon
  • Fixed Primals breaking all sorts of battles
  • Remodeled 95 Pokemon

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Cosplay Pikachu’s not learning the proper event move on form swap
  • Fixed PC Searching above box 30
  • Fixed Legendary Bird Trio spawning in wild for those using Beta Spawner
  • Fixed form Pokemon defaulting to -1 form when spawning and given via wand resulting in being invisible
  • Fixed Mega Aggron’s typing
  • Fixed Ash Greninja
  • Fixed Dusk Lycanroc being unobtainable
  • Fixed Unown Block crafting
  • Fixed Primals ending battles after 4 turns
  • Fixed all Pikachu forms not having animations

Ability & Move Fixes:

  • Fixed Unburden staying active after switch out
  • Fixed First Impression working every move instead of just the first
  • Fixed Prankster working against Dark types
  • Fixed Fake Out failing
  • Fixed Liquid Voice damaging moves not receiving Water typing
  • Fixed Heavy Slam doing 0 damage
  • Fixed Wimp Out activating on the next move selection
  • Fixed Pikachu, Alolan Vulpix & Exeggutor, Eevee, Snorlax, Land Shaymin, and Victini not learning Event Move Celebrate
  • Fixed Pikachu, Munchlax, and Rockruff not learning Event Move Happy Hour
  • Fixed Munchlax not learning Event Move Hold Back
  • Fixed Pikachu not learning Event Move Hold Hands
  • Fixed Dusk Lycanroc not learning any moves
  • Fixed Primals being immune to status conditions

Shopkeeper Fixes:

  • Fixed TM descriptions in Shopkeepers
  • Fixed Mail descriptions in Shopkeepers
  • Fixed Pixelmon Shard/Ore descriptions in Shopkeepers
  • Fixed Fishing Rod descriptions in Shopkeepers
  • Fixed Pixelmon-Block descriptions in Shopkeepers

New Mounts:

  • Flying: Garchomp, Genesect
  • Riding: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Sylveon, Glaceon, Espeon, Bastiodon, Bibarel, Luxray, Mamoswine, Rampardos, Zebstrika

Alolan Breeding:

  • Two Alolan Parents -> 100% Alolan Egg
  • One Alolan Parent -> 20% Alolan Egg
  • Parent With Everstone -> 100% Take their form (Default/Alolan)
  • Ditto Parent (If non Ditto Parent is Alolan with Everstone) -> 100% Alolan Egg

New Items:

  • Spike Shell Badge
  • Sea Ruby Badge
  • Jade Star Badge
  • Coral Eye Badge
  • Aether Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots
  • Flare Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots
  • Skull Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots

New Blocks:

  • Black Clock, Cushion Chair, Rug, Umbrella, Vending Machine, Water Float
  • Brown Clock, Cushion Chair, Rug, Umbrella, Vending Machine, Water Float
  • Cyan Clock, Cushion Chair, Rug, Umbrella, Vending Machine, Water Float
  • Grey Clock, Cushion Chair, Rug, Umbrella, Vending Machine, Water Float
  • Light Blue Clock, Cushion Chair, Rug, Umbrella, Vending Machine, Water Float
  • Light Grey Clock, Cushion Chair, Rug, Umbrella, Vending Machine, Water Float
  • Lime Clock, Cushion Chair, Rug, Umbrella, Vending Machine, Water Float
  • Magenta Clock, Cushion Chair, Rug, Umbrella, Vending Machine, Water Float
  • White Clock, Cushion Chair, Rug, Umbrella, Vending Machine, Water Float

New PokeDolls:

  • Azurill, Baltoy, Chikorita, Ditto, Gulpin, Jigglypuff, Kecleon, Lapras, Lotad, Marill, Pichu, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Rhydon, Seedot, Skitty, Smoochum, Snorlax, Substitute, Swablu, Togepi, Torchic, Totodile, Wailmer, Wynaut

Texture Fixes/Additions:

  • Fixed Mega Mawile
  • Fixed Lunala
  • Fixed Shiny Mawile
  • Fixed Shiny Rayquaza
  • Fixed Special MewTwo’s Sprite
  • Fixed Cosmog
  • Fixed Gastly
  • Fixed Alolan Vulpix
  • Fixed Genesect
  • Fixed Patrat
  • Added Easter Lopunny
  • Added Easter Buneary
  • Added Zelda Aegislash
  • Added Zelda Masquerain
  • Added Kurama Ninetales
  • Added Ying-Yang Absol
  • Added Shadow Arcanine
  • Added Golden Bidoof
  • Added Primal Dialga
  • Added Shadow Mew
  • Added Rainbow Rapidash
  • Added Shadow Vaporeon
  • Added Purple Tyranitar
  • Added Pastel Gothita
  • Added Pastel Gothitelle
  • Added Pastel Gothorita
  • Added Purple Scizor
  • Added Special Gallade
  • Added BaldEagle Braviary
  • Added Joker Zoroark
  • Added Special Staraptor
  • Added Picklemyuku
  • Added Husky Rockruff

Remodeled Pokemon:

  • Aerodactyl, Aron, Bellossom, Carvahna, Camerupt, Chandelure, Cottonee, Crustle, Cryogonal, Dewott, Diglett, Drapion, Dugtrio, Duosion, Dwebble, Emboar, Emolga, Gabite, Galvantula, Garchomp, Gastly, Gible, Golem(Alolan), Golett, Golurk, Haunter, Igglybuff, Joltik, Kabutops, Klefki, Kinkline, Lairon, Lampent, Larvesta, Leavanny, Lickilicky, Lickitung, Litwick, Luxio, Luxray, Magby, Magmortar, Magnemite, Magneton, Magnezone, Mamoswine, Mareep, Miltank, Minun, Munchlax, Ninetales(Alolan), Oshawott, Pachirisu, Palossand, Paras, Parasect, Pawniard, Pignite, Piloswine, Plusle, Politoed, Poliwag, Ponyta, Rapidash, Reuniclus, Rhyperior, Samurott, Sandygast, Scolipede, Sealeo, Serperior, Servine, Sewaddle, Shelgon, Shinx, Sigilyph, Skorupi, Snivy, Solosis, Spheal, Stantler, Swadloon, Swinub, Tepid, Tropius, Venipede, Vibrava, Volcarona, Vulix(Alolan), Walren, Whimsicott, Whirlipede, Wynaut, Yanma, Yanmega

New Pokemon:

  • Dhelmise
  • Salazzle
  • Salandit
  • Alolan Marowak

Pixelmon Generations 2.1.0 Release

Pixelmon Generations v2.1.0 is here!

New Features:

  • Move Descriptions have been added to the Battle GUI – Less Googling!
  • Move Categories have been added to the Battle GUI
  • Weather Icons have been added to the Battle GUI
  • Chatting NPC’s now have configuarable textures and models – Finally…
  • Shopkeepers now have item descriptions – Whoa!
  • Colorized gender symbols
  • Added PC Searching – No more tirelessly browsing pages
  • Added a Go-To-PC-Box function
  • Added Dusk Lycanroc
  • Added Pyukumuku
  • Added Cosplay Pikachu’s (Read below)
  • Added some recipes back (Read below)
  • New blocks (Read below)
  • New mounts (Read below)

Cosplay Pikachu:

  • Added Cool Pikachu (Rock Star) with exclusive move Meteor Mash
  • Added Beautiful Pikachu (Belle) with exclusive move Icicle Crash
  • Added Cute Pikachu (Pop Star) with exclusive move Draining Kiss
  • Added Clever Pikachu (Ph. D) with exclusive move Electric Terrain
  • Added Tough Pikachu (Libre) with exclusive move Flying Press
  • Cosplay Pikachu’s can be obtained by crafting their cosplay clothing and dressing them up
  • A Cosplay Pikachu will learn the exclusive move upon switching


  • Added Genesect Drive Recipes
  • Added DNA Splicer Recipe
  • Added Burn Heal, Ice Heal, Paralyze Heal, Full Heal, Awakening, and Antidote Recipes
  • Added Rare Candy Recipe
  • Added all Gem Recipes
  • Added all Arceus Plate Recipes
  • Added Destiny Knot Recipe
  • Added Ever Stone Recipe

New Blocks:

  • New Umbrellas: Orange, Purple, and Pink
  • New Cushion Chairs: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, and Pink
  • New Rugs: Orange, Purple, and Pink
  • New Clocks: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Purple
  • New Fossil Displays: Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, and Blue

Battle Rules:

  • Updated Never-Used to Gen 7
  • Updated Over-Used to Gen 7
  • Updated Rarely-Used to Gen 7
  • Updated Under-Used to Gen 7
  • Updated Unrestricted to Gen 7

Berry Changes:

  • The following Berries have been updated to Gen 7 Mechanics:
    • Figy Berry
    • Wiki Berry
    • Mago Berry
    • Aguav Berry
    • Iapapa Berry
  • They now restore 50% HP when HP drops to 25% or below

New Mounts:

  • Ride: Rhyhorn, Beartic, Pangoro, Solgaleo, Bidoof, Mudbray
  • Swim: Sharpedo
  • Fly: Lunala, TapuKoko, Dialga, Palkia

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an exploit with PayDay and battles not ending properly
  • Fixed an exploit with Destiny Bond allowing players to catch NPC Pokemon
  • Fixed Pokemon with Mega Evolutions appearing as “Null” in the Import/Export screen
  • Fixed Weather Trio forms not changing with PokeEditor Wand
  • Fixed Mummy ability displaying as “ability.mummy.name”
  • Fixed Mummy not spreading
  • Fixed Photon Geyser move displaying as “attack.photon geyser.name”
  • Fixed middle clicking Hidden Cubes causing a crash
  • Fixed Beast Ball missing a party sprite
  • Fixed a crash loop occuring for some players with sprite aspect ratio’s
  • Creation Trio spawns have been disabled, now only obtainable via Timespace Altar
  • Fixed Pokemon Evolutions with multiple trees being broken (Eevee, Cosmoem, etc)
  • Fixed Pokemon with forms losing health when thrown out of their ball
  • Fixed Mega Rayquaza spinning out of control
  • Fixed /pokegiveegg with PixelExtras
  • Fixed Zygarde spawning everywhere
  • Fixed Poliwag line sizing issues
  • Fixed Hakamo-o, Kommo-o, Jangmo-o having missing spawn rates
  • Fixed Ho-Oh having missing spawn rates
  • Fixed Judgment not binding to the correct plates
  • Fixed Happiny evolving at night
  • Fixed Freeze Shock being Special type
  • Fixed 50 Hitboxes
  • Fixed Mega Gengar texture
  • Fixed Mega Pinsir texture
  • Fixed Special Mewtwo texture
  • Fixed Special Flareon texture
  • Fixed Special Espeon texture
  • Fixed Special Glaceon texture
  • Fixed Special Leafeon texture
  • Fixed Special Gardevoir texture
  • Fixed Special Togedemaru
  • Fixed Special Tangrowth
  • Fixed Aegislash Shield texture
  • Fixed Shiny Bellsprout texture

New Website

Hey everyone!

We hope you like our new website!


  • Our new wiki has been released
  • You can view information about all Pokemon
  • Most items/blocks are complete, and will be fully completed within the week

Bug Reports:

  • We now have a ticket system to submit bugs
  • Please submit all bugs you find so we can fix them


  • You can view a full list of all Generations servers from our server page
  • Own a Generations server? Add your server to our server list for free advertisement
    • All normal features most server lists charge a premium for such as statistics and animated banners are all free
    • We do not offer paid sponsored spots! 3 Random servers every month will be selected and given a sponsored spot for free
  • Our server list has Votifier support to vote and receive rewards from your favorite servers
  • Need help with your server? Post a job! Recruit staff, developers, artists, and more
  • If you’re a server owner, don’t forget to join our Server Owners discord


  • Having issues and need some help? Create a support ticket


  • You can now download any version of our releases up to v1.4.1 on our downloads page
  • We’ve added sidemods! You can download all sidemods that work with our latest releases


Generations v2.0.3 Release

Pixelmon Generations v2.0.3 is here!


  • Primal Groudon
  • Primal Kyogre
  • Blue Orb- Used to activate Primal Kyogre
  • Red Orb- Used to activate Primal Groudon
  • Marshadow
  • Legendary Finder- Similarly to an enderpearl, this item can be thrown to hint which direction a spawned legendary is

Bug Fixes:

  • Repels weren’t working
  • Generation 7 now appears in the in-game config editor
  • Alolan’s no longer revert to the default form after battling or editing them
  • DNA Splicers have returned to the creative menu
  • Time based evolution conditions are fixed
  • Exeggcute now evolves into an Alolan Exeggcutor near Moss Rock
  • Some Mega’s were not dropping correct items
  • Fixed a crash with Picket Fence
  • Keldeo, Victini, and Blissey had some missing moves
  • Healers, TVs, and Clothes Table now drop sensible items when broken
  • Wimpod and Golisopod had no spawn locations
  • Pokemon were sparadically spawning wherever they wanted
  • Sitting in chairs no longer make you float when the chair is broken
  • Ice and Moss Rock are now unbreakable
  • Pixelmon Grass can now drop Pixelmon Grass when using a Silk Touch pick
  • Fixed Legendary spawning broadcasts
  • Making a typo on a Pokemon’s name with the PokeWand no longer crashes you
  • PokeDolls were often times appearing as Charizard visually
  • Ditto & Manaphy now produce a Phione when bred


  • Gligar
  • Gliscor
  • Poliwag
  • Poliwrath
  • Goldeen
  • Seaking
  • Electivire