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The Medichamite mega stone is used to Mega Evolve Medicham.


  • In Battle: To use Medichamite while in battle, send Medicham out, click fight, click on the new Mega Evolution button above your 4 moves. You need to have a Mega Bracelet and Medicham has to be holding the Medichamite. If you don’t have either the Mega Bracelet or Medichamite you can’t Mega Evolve.
  • Out of Battle: To use Medichamite while outside of battle, send out Medicham, look at the Medicham, press the K (default) button on your keyboard to make Medicham Mega Evolve.

Obtain methods

  • Medichamite can be obtained by defeating a Mega Medicham. The first time you beat Mega Medicham it will drop the mega stone with a 100% chance, any time after that there will be a 1/40 chance that it will drop the mega stone.