Thank you for your interest in applying to become a Support Team Member.

As a member of Support Team, your role will be monitoring tickets and ensuring all get responded to and resolved in a timely manner- as well as our support channels on discord. When a bug is reported, you’ll forward that to our BETA Tester team to confirm. You’ll need extensive knowledge in Pixelmon, as well as basic ability to read crash reports- some of our most popular support requests are troubles installing, bug reports, and questions on how something works.

If you’re interested in becoming a Support Team Member, please answer with the following to apply.

  1. Are you currently involved in the community elsewhere? IE: a moderator on X server.
  2. What is your availability? IE: I can not help test on weekends
  3. How do I get Alolan Marowak from Cubone?
  4. How do I fuse Kyurem with Zekrom/Reshiram?
  5. How do I increase RAM in Technic?
  6. What does “Failed to login, authentication servers are down for maintenance.” mean and how do I fix it?

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