Hello all! I’m pleased to announce one of Pixelmon Generations latest features.
Cosmetics! (UI not final)

There’s plenty more in store, and to come with this (weeks?) next release. We’re planning to do some massive giveaways on the release day, up to 300 cosmetics will be given away by us. Alongside this we’ll be giving our official server owners 5 keys to giveaway to their players however they choose. Lastly we wanted our unofficial owners to be able to be apart of the hype. Below you can apply to be selected to obtain 3 keys to give away to your players, or advertise however you choose. The one requirement is that you must have roughly an average of 20 players. We’re prepared to give up to 500 cosmetics to our players. We can also guarantee every player has at least 1 cosmetic that fits their preferences.

Thanks for playing with us, and apply below.

– The Pixelmon Generations Team