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    Poke Meadows

    Welcome back Pixelmoners and welcome to Poke Meadows!

    About us: We are back with all the Poké-Goodness which we had before along with a lot more interesting and entertaining aspects to the server including Wondertrade, EVs/IVs, Player Gyms, Weekly Events and much more! Here at Poke Meadows we aim to create the best Server experience and the best Pixelmon experience we can possibly provide! We run Poke Meadows at a professional standard and aim to please every new user that joins our server!

    What do we have to offer: Here at Poke Meadows we focus on our Players, we are highly rated for our Staff team and are constantly online and here to help everyone out and create a warm experience for all! Unlike many other Servers we also have Legendaries enabled, this means you don't have to donate for a Legendary you can find one in the wild! We have a various range of different plugins to enhance your experience here at Poke Meadows. We also update our plugins weekly - monthly this means you will always have something new to do here at Poke Meadows!

    Events: We host events every day! These can range from Quizzes to Hide and Seek to even mini-tournaments! Competing in these Events can win you some amazing prizes including Items, Shinies even Legendaries!

    Gyms: We have multiple Gyms available for any player to battle! These are Player Gyms, so you can talk and interact with the Gym Leaders whenever you like! Why do we have this? We have Player Gym Leaders because in our opinion it creates a better experience for everyone and creates a more immersive play through.

    Features we have on Poke Meadows: Wondertrade, PokeDex, Global Trade System, Daycare, Tournaments, Events, Poke Hunts, Safari Zone, Legendary Spawning, Increased Shiny Rate, Increased Spawn Rate and much more!

    From all of us at Poké Meadows welcome to the Server and enjoy your stay!

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    Great server and such a friendly community :)

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